Bird Pest Control 5 Facts To Consider If You Have Pest Birds

Bird Pest Control

Bird Pest Control – It’s hard to imagine that something as small as a bird can necessitate pest control measures. However, where there is one bird, it soon becomes many birds and then a whole flock. Some of the most prolific offenders are pigeons, mynas, starlings and some cockatoos. The damage to residential homes, commercial…

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Bird Netting Sydney 4 Investment Need To Knows!

bird netting can help your business

Bird Netting Sydney – So you’re considering Bird Netting Sydney, and you want to be sure that it’s a good investment. Much depends on the magnitude of the project. For commercial purposes, the initial outlay will be more than covering a few backyard trees. Is the project a permanent structure, or will it be used…

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3 Bird Netting Facts You Need To Know

Bird Netting, Bird Removal

Count the Cost Many people ask, ‘How much does it cost to get bird netting?’ Is it more cost-effective to install DIY? To correctly determine the total cost of installing bird netting, other monetary and non-monetary factors need consideration. There is a very old aphorism that states that ‘Time is money.’ Therefore time spent on…

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Bird Pests On Demand FACTS

Bird Pests - bird-control-pest-control

Feathered Friends or Flying Foe – Bird Pests FACTS Bird Pests – Beautiful and graceful as they fly, The Indian Myna, the Common Sparrow, The sweet chirping of the Barbary Dove, or Rainbow Lorikeet, is music to our ears, but which birds are a pest and which are beautiful is not always such an easy…

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Get Rid of Birds 3 Worthwhile Facts

Get Rid of Birds - bird-baiting

Get Rid of Birds – You wake up: it’s a beautiful day and you throw open the windows for a big breath of fresh air. But the sight that greets you is bird droppings along the window sill. Looking up to see where they have come from, you meet with the beady-eyed stare of a…

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Bird Control Cost? # 3 Main Valuable FACTS

Bird Control Cost- bid-netting-bird-control

One of the first things to consider when weighing the advantages and disadvantages of professional bird control is how much does bird control cost? Many people feel that installing bird control measures is much cheaper as a DIY project. Bird Control and bird repellent and eradication equipment is widely available, being sold at many DIY…

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1# Bird Facts – How Do I Stop Birds From Pooping!


You’ve just moved into your new home, and everything is pristine.  The house is perfect and pretty birds in the tree next door sing and chirp. You’re feeling very zen. You are eager to invite family and friends over for a housewarming party to enjoy cold beers, a sizzling BBQ and sunshine. Guests arrive and…

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Deter Birds Vanquish Birds 3 Steps

Deter Birds ultrasonic-bird-repellent

Deter Birds – There are over 800 bird species found in Australia, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. Australia is a veritable paradise for bird lovers. Bird watchers and citizens, in general, enjoy participating in citizen science projects like the Big City Birds project. The scheme tracks behavioural changes of the…

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