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Looking for netting installers, you can trust? We offer netting solutions such as sports netting, bird netting, cat netting, garden netting and many more.

Our netting solutions suit various applications, such as pest control, gardens, sports fields, restaurants, loading bays and warehouses. Whatever your netting need, we can supply and install across Sydney.


Why Choose Us For Netting Installation

Over 17 years of experience in netting installation

IRATA abseiling certified and licensed to work at heights

Licensed for boom lifts and cherry pickers

WHS-compliant and insured

Work with architectural blueprints for new builds and renovations

Work carried out on time with minimal disturbance

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Preferred & Trusted By

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All of our employees are trained and qualified for the job.

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No subcontractors

We never use subcontractors, so the person that comes to do your job is a trusted and highly trained Service Now employee, they are accountable to you and only you.

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Never do we engage any online services such as Airtasker or Hipages!

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We've been family owned, operated in Sydney for over 17 years!


Why Use Service Now

For Your Netting Solutions?

Service Now has been a prominent expert in netting installation in Sydney and across NSW for more than seventeen years. We offer dependable and proficient netting solutions customised to meet your requirements. Whatever the scale of the task, we always provide a complimentary on-site measurement and quote for all jobs.

We can help with bird netting, cat netting, sports netting, safety netting and many more. We ensure our installations meet the highest standards and align with Australian legislation. Many projects are in areas that are hard to reach, such as on roofs, construction sites and warehouses. We are IRATA certified, licensed and experienced in working at heights using boom lifts and cherry pickers. So you can be sure Service Now will carry out your installation safely.

Contact Service Now today to receive a complimentary estimate! Our services extend to residential, outdoor, and business locations, providing comprehensive coverage. We promise timely and cost-effective solutions, utilising only the finest materials and craftsmanship. Our cutting-edge techniques align with national standards and regulations. Moreover, we hold EPA certification, permitting us to operate in various fields and environments while prioritising workplace health and safety.

Netting Install


Bird Netting

We can provide bird pest netting solutions for your home or business. We only use top-notch netting crafted from UV-stabilised heavy-duty polyethylene, ensuring its durability and reusability. It maintains its shape and strength for up to 20 years, making it a long-lasting solution for any weather condition. We offer customised options to suit your specific needs, whether a tiny knotted sparrow netting or a robust knotted seagull netting with a breaking strength of 14kg. We are pleased to cater to your unique needs.

Cat Netting

Are you worried about your cats' safety when they are out of the house? Service Now has got you covered with various solutions. Cat fence barriers are perfect for gardens with mature hedging or shrubbery or without boundaries. Our freestanding cat enclosures provide a secure area for your cat to explore. You can also convert your existing fence or wall into a cat barrier by adding brackets and mesh. A sleek catio is a perfect solution for the ultimate in pet security and an extension of your house into the garden. A catio allows your beloved pet to enjoy the outdoor space in safety.

Sports Netting

Are you looking for sports netting for your sports club, whether for football, badminton, or cricket? Look no further! Service Now is a top installer of sports nets and ball stop netting for sports clubs all over Sydney. Our range of high-quality netting covers everything from ball-stop safety netting to football nets. So we've got you covered, whatever your needs are. Sports netting has to be capable of absorbing substantial and sudden impacts, so the mesh we use has very high break strength and durability.

Safety Netting

Safety nets save lives. Not only do they avert fatalities and severe mishaps while working at heights, but they also stop the fall of heavy and dangerous debris from falling on the worksite below. Safety netting can have a variety of applications, such as on construction sites, to ensure the safety of workers above and below. Safety netting is often used in warehouses and storage facilities to hold stock and pallets in place. Our strong knotted mesh is ideal for elevated walkways and handrails.

Golf Netting

Golf netting aims to prevent damage from stray balls and keep the game within the course. Drawing on our seventeen years of netting experience, we understand each sport's unique requirements. Our golf netting options include impact netting made from 22mm nylon and surround mesh made from 28mm polyethylene, both available in black or green. We offer everything necessary for a successful installation of your project.

Garden and Crop Netting

Garden netting is essential to safeguard your home and garden from pests and animals. Additionally, we can use it to protect patios and decks and prevent undesirable debris and foliage from entering your pond or water feature. It is a versatile product useful for various purposes, such as on farms and orchards, protecting fruit and vegetables. The purpose of crop netting is to safeguard crops from damage and pests. Crop netting provides a degree of preservation against hailstorms and prevents wind-blown sand and dust particles from causing damage to plants.

Mosquito Netting

Mosquito mesh can provide a bug-free and comfortable experience while enjoying your outdoor gazebo or patio. The netting is constructed from lightweight polyester, allowing unobstructed outside views. In addition, our mesh allows air to flow through while at the same time preventing unwanted insects from entering. Mosquito netting is ideal for seasonal use and may be removed and stored during cold or winter months. When removing for storage, mosquito nets should be clean and dry and kept away from the sun in dry conditions, out of the reach of pests.

Pool Netting

Pool netting is a great solution to prevent accidents around the pool area. Pool safety nets offer a secure and economical barrier that prevents pets and children from falling into the pool. These nets, made of sturdy material, are placed over the pool and secured to hooks attached to anchors around the perimeter. Pool netting gets tightly stretched over the pool so that anyone who falls onto it will not sink into the water. Using a pool net is an efficient method to safeguard your pool area for kids and pets.

Our 3 Step

Netting Action Plan

Whatever your needs, residential or commercial, we can supply and fit any project. We can install netting to suit a variety of tasks safely and efficiently and with minimal disturbance.

sports netting sydney installation in progress

Step 1 - Inspect

To ensure the best possible solution, Service Now will assess the project first to ensure that we understand your needs well.

Whether your project is pest control for your home and garden or safety nets for commercial premises, we need a clear picture of your needs.

Following this, we need to look at the site in order to determine the best netting for your needs and decide on appropriate installation methods.

sports netting project

Step 2 - Netting Installation

Several things need consideration when looking at the best installation method for your project. For example, is the installation high up or difficult to reach?

No problem. Our expert installers are IRATA certified and qualified to work at heights using boom lifts and cherry pickers. Tension is the key if the project is for safety nettings, such as a construction site or pool.

If the tension is too loose, the net will be less serviceable as a health and safety option.

sports netting installation

Step 3 - The Service Now Labour Guarantee

Our expert installers perform our installations using top-quality products and cutting-edge equipment. Our staff are all fully trained, qualified, and licensed and work to Australian WH&S standards.

When we call out to a job, we check and recheck measurements and requirements in order to ensure we provide an accurate and efficient service.

From start to finish, we monitor your project, adjusting where necessary. Service Now is so confident of our superior workmanship that our labour guarantee backs every job.

Commercial Netting

Why You Should Act Now

There are many commercial applications for netting, from pest control to health and safety. So no matter your project, we can supply and fit the ideal netting solution.

For construction companies, correctly installed safety netting can be a matter of life and death. Installing safety netting helps to prevent catastrophic falls when working at heights or falling debris from landing on the site below. Construction companies do well to address this safety issue

Support netting on elevated walkways, and handrails can save lives by preventing an accidental fall and providing a safe route from one part of the site to another.

And when it comes to warehouses and other storage facilities, there must be a way of safely securing high-rise pallet stacks and other stock. Netting is the ideal solution as it ensures that stock remains where it should be instead of being allowed to shift and become dangerous to workers below.

Installing bird and pest netting in factories and manufacturing facilities containing machinery is also good. The mesh prevents birds and other pests from accessing areas where their droppings and other debris may fall into machinery and cause damage or contamination.

Residential Netting

Don't wait until its too late

Plant netting installation is ideal for those seeking a budget-friendly and environmentally conscious garden safeguard. This option effectively shields your plants, crops, and fruit from extreme weather conditions like sun, strong winds, snow, hail, and frost.

Our garden netting protects plants and produce from hungry pests. In addition, we can erect patio, deck and carport enclosures to protect your biggest asset from pests and debris.

Our expertly installed debris netting ensures that debris and foliage are kept out of your pond or water features, keeping your pump system and pool clean and in good working order for you to enjoy.

As well as protecting your home and garden from external issues, our netting is also effective for protecting things inside the netted area. For example, cat netting, runs, enclosures and catios create a safe space for your beloved pets.

In addition, our pool netting ensures the safety of not just pets but children too. It only takes one misstep for a young child to slip into the pool and find themselves struggling in an environment they can't control. Correctly fitted pool netting is a safety feature which could save the life of your child or pet.

Service Now

Netting Installation Sydney Trusts

Look no further than Service Now for bird, sports, pool, or safety netting! Service Now can supply and fit all mesh and netting to suit your requirements. All of our projects get installed in compliance with Australian health and safety standards, and our workmanship is beyond reproach. Our netting technicians are qualified, licensed, and IRATA certified.

Not only that, but we have over seventeen years of experience installing all types of netting.

If your project requires working at heights, don't try DIY. Use the professionals. We are certified to work at heights using boom lifts and cherry pickers. We never cut corners, and every installation is backed by our Service Now labour guarantee.

Many people think that installing netting themselves is a way to cut costs. However, if incorrectly installed, netting may prove to be ineffective. More importantly, if you are installing safety or pool netting, there is a genuine risk that the installation will not stand up to health and safety regulation and could therefore risk lives.

Trust Service Now. The netting installers that Sydney residents and business owners have trusted for over seventeen years.

If you have a netting project you would like a no-obligation quote for, give us a call today.