Bird Netting and Roof Netting

Our certified, friendly and professional technicians have more than 17 years' experience in effectively fitting bird netting, and roof netting as part of our range of bird pest control solutions.

Address your bird pest problem now and avoid unwanted, disease-ridden guests.

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Why Choose Us For Bird Netting?

Money back guarantee if the birds return

17+ year's experience in commercial bird control

Licensed to work at heights & IRATA abseiling certified

Experienced and licensed in operating boom lift & cherry picker

Fully insured & WHS compliant

Able to work with architectural blueprints to offer bird proofing insights before & after construction

Work carried out on time with minimal disturbance

Preferred & Trusted By

Preferred & Trusted By

  • All of our employees are trained and qualified for the job.
  • No subcontractors!
  • Never do we engage any online services such as Airtasker or Hipages!
  • When you call us, you will speak to real people in Sydney, not a call centre!
  • Family owned, operated in Sydney since 2013!

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There’s an old saying: "prevention is better than cure". Never was this truer than when considering pest control. The best way to prevent damage to your home or business from pest birds is to stop them from getting in in the first place.

Bird netting is particularly effective as it can be used in a wide variety of places and creates an efficient barrier to pests. The smaller hole sizes ensure that even small birds cannot get through.

We only use the very best quality netting so you can be sure it is durable in all weathers. Netting is ideal for gardens where fruit and vegetables are grown. Bird pests often target fruit trees for food and nesting. Netting on the roof and guttering can also act as a deterrent for congregating and roosting birds. Pergolas and carports are a particularly good place to install bird netting.

For commercial premises, bird netting is very effective almost anywhere. It’s particularly useful in large outdoor spaces such as orchards and agricultural areas, warehouses car parks and loading bays. Only a certified and licensed professional with the correct equipment should install netting in high and difficult to reach areas.  

We have over seventeen years in the industry so you can be sure you are working with experienced professionals. We are so confident in our bird pest solutions that we offer a money-back guarantee if the bird pest problem remains unresolved. Our licensed experts are IRATA certified to work at heights so we can get to the places you can’t reach.

Why Choose Us?

Our Service vs. The Rest

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Licensed & Certified in Working at Heights, High Risk Work (over 11 meters) & Bird Control Yes! Not always
Insured for $20,000,000 Public Liability and $1,000,000 Professional Indemnity Insurance & Workers Compensation (iCare). Yes! No
Completed over 2,000 Bird Control control jobs with over 17+ years in the industry. Yes! No
Use new, state of the art equipment, that is no older than 5 years of age. Yes! No
Use high quality materials that are tried and tested by experts in the field offering warranties from 5 years up to 20 years on jobs. Yes! No
Certified CM3 (WH&S), Strata Association, Member of MBA, Member of AEPMA, EPA Licensed, Ebix & of course Covid Safe. Yes! No
Every job includes an inspection prior to work commencing. We take high resolution images prior to every job and after completion. This enables you to see what exactly how we have completed the works Yes! No
Guaranteed job completion with no corner cutting. We rely on you to spread the word to your friends, family and businesses. Yes! No
Give you a price upfront that NEVER CHANGES. Yes! No
Highly recommended by all of our residential and commercial customers alike. Yes! No

Don't risk an irreversible infestation

Get peace of mind with bird netting

The Dove is a symbol of love and peace the world over. Pretty birds flying in formation are an inspiring sight. But did you realise that Doves are actually pigeons? The difference between the two is purely linguistic. In fact, the Rock Dove is commonly known as a Feral Pigeon and is on Australia’s pest list for good reason.

Pigeons are also known as ‘Rats of the sky’ as they spread disease and parasites via contact with nesting materials and droppings. Zoonotic diseases such as Salmonella, Histoplasmosis, and Psittacosis are particularly dangerous as they can be fatal to humans. But Pigeons are not the only culprits in disease and parasitic transmission. The Common Starling and Indian Myna are also pests for similar reasons. 

Whether you are a homeowner or a business, bird proofing is one of the first things you need to install. Don’t leave it until it becomes a health hazard to your family or your employees. If you leave it until it has become a problem, it will be more expensive in the long run.

We have over seventeen years in the industry so you can be sure you are working with experienced professionals. We are so confident in our workmanship that we offer a money-back guarantee if the bird pest problem remains unresolved. Our licensed experts are IRATA certified to work at heights so we can get to the places you can’t reach.

Why wait until it becomes a major issue? Call us today for fast and effective bird control solutions!

bird proofing using netting



Our 3 Step

Bird Proofing Action Plan

Contact with bird droppings or nesting materials can be hazardous to you and your family.

Therefore we recommend you only use a licensed professional for the job. Call us today for a thorough investigation and solution to your bird pest issues. Here’s how we do it.


Bird proofing Step 1
Investigate & Report

The first thing we will do is complete a thorough investigation by a fully licensed pest control expert. They will find out where these avian pests are gaining access to your premises and investigate solutions.

The report will highlight health and safety hazards caused by nesting or pecking.

From this, we will recommend the best method of eradication. Structural and environmental issues can cause an influx of birds. Hence any issues found are noted in the report.


Bird proofing Step 2
Implement Solutions

When we have determined the most efficient way to deal with the problem, we will implement the best methods.

All of our treatments are of the highest quality, eco-friendly and compliant with Australian safety standards.

We don’t use anything which could be a risk to children, pregnant women, or pets.


Bird proofing Step 3
Prevent Future Bird Problems

On completion of the job, you will receive a full report. The report will detail all issues found in the initial investigation.

It will also list the work carried out to prevent, clear and clean the area. Finally, it will offer recommendations to avoid re-infestation.

Residential bird problems

call for residential bird netting

Bird pests are attracted to places where there is a food supply. They like to gather where they can roost and congregate undisturbed. When they find such a place, you will often notice their numbers start to increase.

Pretty soon, you will see the telltale signs of infestation. Bird droppings on patio furniture and window sills are typical signs. You may also notice nesting material on guttering and downpipes. Bird debris can block drains and cause significant plumbing problems if left unchecked.

Your car may be your pride and joy. However, bird faeces can permanently damage car paintwork. The acidic droppings can penetrate down to the metal. The longer you leave it, the worse it gets. In the end, your beautiful Holden HSV may end up looking like the Beverley Hillbillies truck. As soon as you clean one lot off, they seem to drop the next cargo, and so it goes.

Don’t wait until they cause permanent damage. Call our expert today to get rid of your bird pest problem.

A threat to your business

pest birds can hurt your bottom line

Your business premises are a reflection of you and your company, especially if it’s open to the public. When birds are left to roost freely, they can become a major health concern. Around entrances and steps, an accumulation of slippery bird faeces can become a slip hazard.

Potentially fatal diseases are transmissible to employees through contact with nesting materials or via aerial contaminants. Don’t be fooled into thinking if the birds are not in the vicinity of staff, they cannot spread disease. They can! Air conditioning systems draw air in and expel it into the areas occupied by staff. Along with the air, it will suck in any airborne pathogens and can result in sickness and even death.

Some business owners feel it’s too expensive to bird proof their premises. However, the expense is dwarfed by the possible lawsuits arising from insufficient pest control. Ill health and even death can occur through pest transmission. Can you really afford not to install bird proofing measures?