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Looking for pest bird control you can trust? We offer bird control solutions such as bird netting, bird spikes, bird repellents and shocks for builders, government and all other commercial businesses, and residential customers.

We're competitively priced and provide fast, effective pest bird control services across Sydney.

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17+ year's experience in commercial and residential pest bird control

Experienced and licensed in operating boom lift & cherry picker

Licensed to work at heights & IRATA abseiling certified

Fully insured & WHS compliant

Able to work with architectural blueprints to offer bird proofing insights before & after construction

Work carried out on time with minimal disturbance

Multiple Service Award Winner

Preferred & Trusted By

Preferred & Trusted By

Pest Bird Control

By Service Now

Service Now Trades is a leading bird control specialist in Sydney and throughout NSW providing reliable and professional bird pest control services since 2013. Every solution is tailored to your needs which is why we always provide a free onsite measure and quotation on all jobs no matter how big or small.

From bird netting installation, to bird spikes, bird wire, and other forms of bird control, such as solar panel bird proofing and bird shock track we can ensure that birds won't ruin your premises.

Birds can cause major damage to your home, roosting in areas that are hard to reach that need a professional to install some type of deterrent to ensure your biggest asset is not being damaged. Call us now for a free quote!

In warehouses and offices, birds will find any area that is suitable to nest in, defecating and leaving huge amounts of mess, exposing your team to serious health risks and safety issues. They especially love to hide under awnings and in loading docks. This is where bird netting is best used to deter birds away from these areas.

We guarantee on-time and on-budget service, the highest quality materials and workmanship. We employ the latest technologies, ensuring that we adhere with the industry’s best practices and guidelines throughout the country.

We’re also fully licensed with the EPA, certified to work in all types of industries and workplaces, and of course, WH&S compliant.

The Service Now Difference

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All of our employees are trained and qualified for the job.

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No subcontractors

We never use subcontractors, so the person that comes to do your job is a trusted and highly trained Service Now employee, they are accountable to you and only you.

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or Airtasker Service

Never do we engage any online services such as Airtasker or Hipages!

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A real Sydney team

When you call us, you will speak to real people in Sydney, not a call centre!

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A family business

We've been family owned, operated in Sydney for over 17 years!

Why Choose Us?

Our Service Vs. The Rest

See what makes our pest bird control services a cut above the rest:

Licensed & Certified in Working at Heights, High Risk Work (over 11 meters) & pest bird control for commercial and residential premises.

Insured for $20,000,000 Public Liability and $1,000,000 Professional Indemnity Insurance & Workers Compensation (iCare).

Completed over 2,000 pest bird control control jobs with over 17+ years in the industry.

Use new, state of the art equipment, that is no older than 5 years of age.

Use high quality materials that are tried and tested by experts in the field offering warranties from 5 years up to 20 years on jobs.

Certified CM3 (WH&S), Strata Association, Member of MBA, Member of AEPMA, EPA Licensed, Ebix & of course Covid Safe.

Every job includes an inspection prior to work commencing. We take high resolution images prior to every job and after completion.
This enables you to see what exactly how we have completed the works

Guaranteed job completion with no corner cutting. We rely on you to spread the word to your friends, family and businesses.

Give you a price upfront that NEVER CHANGES

Highly recommended by all of our residential and commercial customers like.

Bird Control



Bird Proofing

We locate and secure all viable entry points to your premises.

We then inspect the area, and provide a detailed report and several solutions to stop the birds from entering.

If nests are found, the area will be high pressure cleaned and sprayed to control bird lice.

Bird Control Cost- bid-netting-bird-control

Bird Netting

We only use the highest quality grade of bird netting material for all installations to ensure maximum protection.

Our experienced pest control will wow you with their friendly service and expertise in bird netting.

If you need bird netting for your balcony, we specialise in this too. 


Bird Wiring

This is an option that we can use to deter birds from landing on buildings and ledges.

It's a less unsightly method than spikes, that's used to prevent birds from roosting in any area, from shopping centres to cafes. When used in the right situation, and applied by professionals, this method is highly effective.


Bird Spikes

Commercial bird spikes are a great deterrent to prevent birds from roosting on guttering, ledges, window sills and other flat surfaces.

This effective method prevents all birds from being able to land.

Ask your Service Now technician how bird spikes could solve your bird pest problem.

bird-repellent gel

Bird Repellent Gel

We use gel as a repellent to stop birds from landing in areas where other methods don’t work or is not visually appropriate.

This method works by causing discomfort when they attempt to roost.

Deter Birds ultrasonic-bird-repellent

Ultrasonic Bird Repellent

Electronic ultrasonic repellents emit sounds that frighten pest birds.

Ask your Service Now technician if an ultrasonic bird deterrent is right for you.


Bird Shock Tape

This tape can be placed on any ledge to prevent roosting.

When a bird lands, they're given a small electric shock, which makes this a humane and effective bird deterrent.

Get Rid of Birds - bird-baiting

Bird Baiting

When other methods of control are not suitable, we use baits.

This method strictly complies and is in accordance with the National Parks & Wildlife Service.

Our 3 Step

Bird Control Action Plan


Step 1
Pest Bird Control Investigation & Report

A licensed, certified pest control technician will complete a detailed inspection and assessment of your commercial space or home.

At this stage it is important to see if any previously unseen damage or safety hazards have been created by roosting or nesting birds.

We will report on any environmental or structural conditions that are encouraging or allowing birds to live and nest in the area.


Step 2
Implement Bird Control Solutions

Once we've located and confirmed the source of your bird problem, we will create and implement a pest control plan tailored to your home or commercial premises.

Whilst treating your bird problem, we use the most effective methods and and high quality, eco friendly treatments that meet Australian safety standards, and are safe for pregnant women, children, and pets.


Step 3
Prevent Future Bird Problems

Once the nest have been removed, and we've installed all bird prevention solutions, we will provide a report on how to prevent future problems, and offer ongoing solutions to ensure birds and other pests don't return.

You will be given a report detailing the cause of the bird nesting, the work carried out and recommendations on preventing future pest issues.

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Got A Pest Bird Problem?

Here's Why You Need To Act Now.

Although birds like rainbow lorikeets and kookaburras are generally nice to have around, some birds only seem to make mess and destroy our property. Enter pest birds.

Pigeons, myna birds, sparrows, cockatoos and starlings can make life difficult, usually by letting their droppings fall all over outdoor tables, awnings and balconies. Almost anywhere with a ledge big enough to allow them to stand will be covered in faeces eventually.

Not only that, but they're often known for pecking, scratching and causing serious damage to solar panels, outdoor wiring, and guttering. In addition, we've seen over the years that birds are not fussy when it comes to nesting - they will nest anywhere they can find.

And even more worrying is the fact that birds can spread serious diseases, including salmonella, e. coli, and a variety of fungal infections.

Commercial pest bird control

Why You Should Act Now

The presence of feral pest birds can ruin a great business. Take, for example, the entrance which, if cluttered with bird faeces can be off-putting, to say the least. Birds make their way inside factory units, and their corrosive droppings can fall into machinery and cause rust and rot. In addition, they can get into air vents and potentially wreak havoc to a business. Footpaths and steps leading to your premises are a slip hazard when covered in bird excrement. Fire escapes likewise should be safe to use.

Commercial premises, and especially food preparation or storage facilities, are especially at risk if they have a bird pest problem. Bird droppings, feathers etc. can be contaminated with salmonella and if ingested, can cause food poisoning.

NSW Name and Shame Register

The New South Wales Food Authority has the power to enforce legislation covering health and safety in food storage and preparation. A business which is not compliant with pest control legislation is leaving themselves open to prosecution. Probably more damaging from a business perspective is the "Name and Shame" and "Penalties" registers. These are available to consumers on the NSW Food Authority website. Consumers can read for themselves which businesses are safe places to purchase food. Needless to say, if effective pest control is not in place, your very livelihood could be at stake. Word gets around, and you could soon find yourself with no customers.

But Bird pest control is not just important for businesses with food storage and preparation. Pest control legislation impacts every business, and each must be compliant.

Residential pest bird control

Don't wait until it's too late

Got a problem with birds taking over your home?

Apart from the damage to your guttering ledges and windows, did you realise that they often attract an entourage of other pests such as bird mites, ticks, cockroaches, mice, and even rats? And that's not the end of the list of non-paying guests you could be inviting into your home. The larder beetle, lesser house fly, bed bugs, beetles, and moths all come with bird infestations. It's the buy one get one free offer from hell.

Looking forward to summer BBQs in the garden with loved ones? If you've got a bird problem, you can cancel those plans. Salmonella is often a constituent in droppings, feathers and debris. If it falls onto food, it can cause food poisoning. An accumulation of moist bird droppings can be a perfect environment for flies and their breeding activity.

Whilst solar panels are a great way to save money on energy bills. Unfortunately, they also make excellent nesting areas for bird pests. The result is destroyed, damaged or non-functioning panels caused by scratching and pecking. Bird pests can also make outdoor wiring hazardous by shearing the protective sheath. 

So don't take any chances. Call us today and a professional, experienced pest control expert will rid you of your bird problem for good.

Scare Birds

Stop tirelessly searching google for

"Bird control near me" - you've found it!

Because you've found us! 

From netting and spikes to electronic deterrents and humane trapping, there we will present you with the right options for every situation. Our trained, experienced team of pest bird control professionals near you have the knowledge and experience to assess your specific needs and create a customized plan of action. Don't let birds ruin your outdoor space or cause damage to your property any longer – and stop searching for bird control near me! Call us for bird control near you today!

Even whilst I was writing I found it overwhelming searching for bird control near me, and being bombarded with hundreds of companies claiming to offer the best service. But we have the credentials to back our claims. We have won awards, we consistently get 5 star reviews, and our team has decades of experience. Not to mention we are fully insured and accredited.

By allowing us to come to your home of business and implement our pest bird control measures, not only will you improve the appearance of your property or commercial space, but you will also protect it from potential damage caused by bird droppings and nesting materials which can creep out your guests or scare off your customers!

So stop searching "bird control near me", and call the best bird control near you, Service Now! We're ready and eager to help!

We're Sydney's Trusted

Bird Control Experts

Your home or business premises may be an ideal habitat for pest birds. Pigeons and seagulls in particular have learnt to thrive in urban environments, and are attracted to places where there are any waste foods to scavenge on. And they only need a tiny nook or crevice to make their nests.

The longer you leave a bird nest or any bird infestation, the harder it is to remove nests and get rid of the problem. And the problem will grow rapidly, with a flock of 30 birds easily able to turn into a flock of 200 within a few weeks, as more birds join the existing, thriving flock.

We offer tailored solutions to effectively get rid of existing birds and prevent flocks of unwanted birds returning. Just a few examples include:

  • General bird proofing
  • Bird netting
  • Bird wire
  • Bird spikes
  • Bird repellent gel
  • Ultrasonic bird deterrents
  • Bird shock tape
  • Bird baiting (only where needed)

So call us on 02 8511 0351 or contact us now for advice and solutions to your bird problem.

*This offer applies to residential customers only. Gutters will be cleaned in areas of the gutter where bird droppings are found. Free gutter and solar panel clean only available with solar panel bird control services.