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Our 3 Step

Cockroach Control Action Plan


Step 1
Investigate & Report

A licensed, certified Sydney pest control specialist will complete a detailed inspection and assessment of your commercial space or home.

They will closely analyse the area to find where cockroaches are most prevalent, and where they are nesting.

We will report on any environmental or structural conditions that are encouraging or allowing the cockroach infestation to thrive.


Step 2
Implement Solutions

Once we've located and confirmed the source of your cockroach problem, we will create and implement a pest control plan tailored to your home or commercial premises.

Whilst treating your cockroach issue, we use the most effective methods and high quality, eco friendly treatments that meet Australian safety standards, and are safe for pregnant women, children, and pets.


Step 3
Prevent Future Cockroach Infestations

Once the cockroaches have been treated, and we've eradicated the cockroach infestation, we will provide a report on how to prevent future problems, and offer ongoing solutions to ensure cockroaches and other pests don't return.

You will be given a report detailing the cause of the cockroaches in your space, the work carried out and recommendations on preventing future pest issues.

Cockroach Control



Cockroach Bait

If you have cockroaches popping up in your home or business on a regular basis, cockroach baits are among the most effective and common methods of cockroach control.

It is an efficient, and convenient way to treat cockroach problems in both residential and commercial kitchens, and almost anywhere else that food is stored and prepared. This makes it a popular choice for pest control Sydney homeowners and business owners trust.

There are 3 main types of cockroach bait: gel, liquid and solid. Each has its own benefits and use cases:

How does bait work?

Simply put, this cockroach treatment uses the disgusting eating habits of cockroaches against them.

When placed in strategic ares in the home or business, the active ingredient in the bait directly affects the cockroach that consumes it, and also impacts all roaches that it comes into contact with.

Not only with the ingredients in the roach bait spread through the infestation through direct contact, but after feeding on the bait, the cockroach will spread the treatment further when other roaches eat its droppings.

This leads to a cycle of the pest control treatment ingredient being passed throughout the whole colony, which ends in an extermination of the whole colony.


Cockroach Fumigation

When cockroaches have been allowed to infest an area for a long time, and the infestation becomes serious, fumigation is the most commonly use form of cockroach control.

The treatment consists of a insecticide gas with an active ingredient that is highly effective at eliminating cockroaches, particularly effective in confined spaces.

The active ingredient of the treatment being dispersed through gas makes this for of cockroach control particularly effective at treating cockroach infestations in commercial kitchens, restaurants, homes, warehouses and agriculture premises.

How does fumigation work?

Once the infestation has been located the fumigation process involves sealing the area to be treated, whether that is a part of a kitchen, or a larger area of the premises. A gas with a treatment ingredient is introduced, which kills a significant proportion of the cockroach population. Cockroach fumigation alone doesn't always solve the infestation, and it is common for this method to be sued in conjunction with baiting, or other methods of cockroach control.

We tailor our fumigation n plan to suit your home of business area, and we;re mindful to ensure proper sealing,  safe, WHS compliant work practices, and zero exposure to treatment solution for your family of staff.


Cockroach Prevention

Simple things like not leaving food out, or emptying bins more regularly can reduce the number of cockroaches in any space.

Preventing cockroaches altogether is more difficult, but can be done with professional attention to detail and planning.


What does cockroach prevention involve?

We conduct a thorough investigation and prepare a report on all causes of the cockroach problem.

Cockroaches thrive in small areas and confined spaces, and can adapt to a new habitat quickly. Combine this with the speed at which they can reproduce, and this means that one treatment isn't always enough to eradicate the pest completely.

To combat this, we provide regular treatment maintenance services. In addition to applying non-toxic treatments to keep roaches at bay, thorough cleaning is needed to ensure that pipes and drains are not providing moist conditions that allow cockroaches to thrive

As part of our cockroach prevention plan, we also seal gaps in walls, skirting boards and other barriers, such as under kitchen and bathroom sinks, which provide entrance points for infestations. Once all potential entry points have been blocked, along with regular treatments, future infestations can be avoided.




Building Manager

We had a recurring problem with cockroaches, and had tried a couple of different pest control companies, but the problem kept coming back. Adam and his team were more thorough than the others, and put together a plan for how to deal with the cockroaches. We got them to do an initial treatment and they do a maintenance visit every few months. The building is now pest free. I would recommend Service Now trades to anyone, they do a great job.


Strata Manager

Service Now got rid of a large cockroach infestation we had. They arrived on time and were very professional, and we haven't had a problem since. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone.


Homeowner, Bondi

Our apartment was infested with cockroaches and we had tried a few products like Mortein, but they didn't seem to last long. I called Service Now and Greg arrived on the same day and did a treatment. He was very friendly, polite and professional. He did a good job and I would recommend this company.

We use proprietary techniques and only the highest quality, non-toxic products, that are safe for pets, children, staff and customers, to rid your home or business of disease spreading cockroaches. Read on to learn how cockroaches can put the health of you and your family at risk, and how we deal with them for good.

cockroach pest control

Seen A Cockroach In Your Home?

It Could Be Worse Than You Think.

What's worse than seeing a creepy, dirty cockroach scuttle across your kitchen counter? Knowing that there are probably hundreds more hiding in your home. It's enough to make your skin crawl.

Along with rats, cockroaches are filthy, disease carrying creatures. And what makes cockroaches worse than rats is their ability to infiltrate any area of your home, and nest there. That's why if you see even just one cockroach in your home, the chances are you have an infestation.

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Cockroach Control Experts

Cockroaches, otherwise known as Blattodea, are closely related to termites, and like termites, they love warm, dark areas, and get into your house by crawling through drains, sewage pipes and gaps in walls and floors.

Once they are in your home, they begin searching for food, and will eat virtually anything, from excrement, to rotting food, book bindings, wallpaper paste, nylon stockings and anything with starch in it. What's even more creepy is that they are also cannibals, so if they have run out food, they will happily eat other cockroaches even whilst they're still alive!

But they don't just come into your home for a free meal. Their main purpose is to lay eggs, and once they begin doing this, they can hatch hundreds of cockroaches a month. These smaller cockroaches can get through even smaller gaps than the adult roaches, and so begin to infiltrate other areas of your home. And once they start to breed, their numbers grow exponentially, turning a few cockroaches in your home into an infestation in a matter of weeks.

They also spread illness and disease. It's been proven that roaches spread 33 different types of bacteria, from salmonella, which causes typhoid, to poliomyelitis, which causes polio. They do this by walking through faeces and other dirty materials, and then tracking this into your home - these inconsiderate critters never think to wipe their feet on the mat!

The other thing that makes them so unhygienic is they way they salivate and defecate all over the place - and the biggest problem with this, is that it cannot even be seen without a magnifying glass, which makes it almost impossible to clean up.

And finally, they're famously hard to kill. Although the urban legend that cockroaches would survive a nuclear blast has been proven to be false, they are able to withstand almost any conditions or chemicals, and can even live for a whole week without their head!

But with decades of experience, we're able to completely rid your home of cockroaches without using harsh, toxic chemicals that could put your family and pets in danger. So call us today and say goodbye to your infestation once and for all!

* A service now trades technician will conduct a thorough inspection prior to your treatment, and provide a written report detailing recommendations for follow up visits, should they be required. All recommendations must be followed in order to be eligible for the money back guarantee.