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Our Story

After noticing his employer was cutting corners to make a quick buck, and treating every customer like a number, Adam decided to start working for himself.

Adam's goal was to provide a high quality service, without cutting corners. He would use only the highest quality products, and provide tailored service to every customer. He would draw on his years of experience in pest control to ensure every customer was satisfied.

Service Now was born.

Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, thanks to word of mouth referrals from customers.

But despite his company growing, Adam didn't want to sit back and stay in the office all day like his old employer, cause he knew it would cause problems for his customers.

So he takes a very active role in the day to day operations. Not only does Adam rigorously screen and train every member of the Service Now team, but he still attends every single job to ensure that his high standards of service and quality of work are met for every customer.

Take a look below to see what customers think of Adam's approach to running a service business. 

Nowadays, Adam runs the day to day operations of the business, whilst his wife Laura, manages the office staff and all aspects of the administration of the business.

Our Promise

To You

We promise to arrive on time, and our reliable, accredited team will prepare and execute a tailored solution for your home or business. Whether you need bird control, safety or sports netting, building management or maintenance services, pressure cleaning, painting or other services, we can help. 

Our talented, experienced and certified team will then implement the solution we have discussed with you. We use effective methods and state-of-the-art tools and equipment to ensure the best outcome for you. We do all of this is a timely and budget-friendly manner. 

From Adam, owner-operator of Service Now Trades

Our Commitment to Diversity

Our mission is to be Sydney's one-stop shop for a diverse range of services and to offer the best solutions available. Central to this is having the best workforce, with a multitude of talents and experience in varying fields of expertise. That’s why Service Now welcomes people from every walk of life, no matter what race, religion, gender, disability, age or marital status.

Our wide range of services cater to the needs of residential and commercial clients. And we cover everything from general maintenance to pest control and everything in between. We can supply talented and experienced individuals to perform the task whatever your needs. We can only offer our wide range of services because we believe in diversity and inclusion. As such, we have a pool of diversely talented and experienced people to fulfil virtually any task.

We like to think our workforce is like the natural landscape. The variety of flowers and plants, regardless of colour, shape or size, look stunning and work well together. Service Now aims to make our business as rich in diversity as the natural landscape.

We live in a richly diverse world. Each individual has specific talents and outlooks which are unique to them. Service Now believes that the workplace should reflect the world in which we live. We welcome new ideas and perspectives. By giving our staff the opportunity to express themselves and the freedom to follow through, we as a business can learn and grow. Ultimately enabling us to offer a better service to our diverse communities.

Service Now is where people can unite to celebrate individuality and uniqueness while striving for a common goal. Working together, we can create an inclusive and mutually beneficial environment. When each individual is encouraged to be their best selves, they can reach their true potential to benefit the entire group.

By listening and valuing our differences, we have a deeper understanding of the wider community's needs. When we respect one another’s unique experiences, perspectives and ideas, we can collaborate to offer our clients an ever-expanding and more insightful service. 

A business without diversity and inclusion is a business that is stagnant. If a company doesn’t grow and reflect the community it works in, then it alienates huge segments of that community and cannot identify with its consumers. An inability to identify with consumers has an impact on business and productivity.

Service Now wants to remain relevant and in tune with our customers and the community. That's why we promote and encourage multiplicity. Where there is the freedom to grow and flourish, a spirit of empowerment is fostered, resulting in a workforce with shared purpose and commitment. We want to empower each team member to feel their input is valued and appreciated. Diversity, equality and inclusion are at the very heart of Service Now and is one of our core values.

We are committed to nurturing a spirit of empowerment across all business sectors. Respecting the experience and talents of individuals, enables us to be better equipped to achieve shared goals. Diversity, inclusion and equality are the way forward for Service Now and at the very heart of who we are.

Employees who feel constrained in their roles are an untapped resource. Service Now fosters a sense of belonging and inclusivity regardless of gender, age, disability, race, marital status or religion. We respect and listen to our staff, allowing them to be authentically true to themselves, their goals and their values. We are grateful for the multiplicity of talents within our workforce, enabling us to offer our clients the best service.

By working together and showing mutual respect, we can positively impact our business, staff, clients and the wider community.

Our Service

Is Award Winning

We go the extra mile to ensure you're happy. Our proactive and tailored approach to service gets us noticed.

We're the proud winners of several service awards over the years, most recently being awarded Best Handyman by handymanreviewed.com.

Click here to see to see the article on their website.




Building Manager

Please pass on my thanks to Adam for the great job you did removing the ant infestation from the building in Newtown. Adam and his team dealt with the problem quickly. I'd definitely recommend Service Now to anyone.


Strata Manager

Service Now have been doing the cleaning in our building for years now and I wouldn't use anyone else. Dependable service and always on time.


Homeowner, Bondi

I've had a few problems with bed bugs but I didn't want to try fixing the problem myself cause I was worried about what the effects of using chemicals on my bed would be. When I called Service Now, Adam talked me through some of their non chemical solutions, which I really appreciated. When he arrived he showed me the products he was going to use. I was very impressed with his service and the fact he doesn't use poisonous chemicals. Thanks, Tracey.