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Guaranteed 100% effective wasp, bee and hornet treatments, or your money back!*

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Preferred & Trusted By

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We never use subcontractors, so the person that comes to do your job is a trusted and highly trained Service Now employee, they are accountable to you and only you.

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Our 3 Step

Wasps, Bees & Hornets Control Action Plan


Step 1
Investigate & Report

A licensed, certified pest control technician will complete a detailed inspection and assessment of your commercial or residential outdoor areas.

They will closely analyse the area to find where the swarms have nested.

We will report on any environmental or structural conditions that are encouraging or allowing the flying insects to thrive and nest.


Step 2
Implement Solutions

Once we've located and confirmed the sources of your flying insect problem, we will create and implement a pest control plan tailored to your home or commercial premises.

Wasps, bees and hornets can be dangerous, and to those with certain allergies, they can be life threatening. So we are very careful to take all safety precautions before, during, and after treatment to avoid anyone getting a sting.

We combine this with tried and tested, effective methods and high quality, eco friendly treatments that meet Australian safety standards, and are safe for pregnant women, children, pets and patrons. This approach is one of the meany reasons that we're the pest control Sydney trusts!


Step 3
Prevent future problems with wasps nest, bees nests, or hornets nests

Once the initial problem has been treated, we will provide a report on how to prevent future problems, and offer ongoing solutions to ensure these dangerous insects, along with other pests, don't return.

It’s important to remember that once we have implemented the treatment, we cannot immediately remove the nest, since it will take some foraging insects a few days to return to the nest.

You will be given a report detailing the cause of the bee, wasp or hornet nest in your space, the work carried out and recommendations on preventing future pest issues.




Homeowner, Castle Hill

We had a massive wasp nest in one of our trees and we didn’t want to risk tackling it ourselves. Service Now came and dealt with it very professionally and didn’t disturb the nest so there were no scary swarms.


Strata Manager

There was a nest in our parking area and Service Now were here within the hour, treating the problem. I found Adam to be very friendly and knowledgeable. He knows his subject matter well and we have not had a problem since.


Real Estate Director

I’d recommend Adam to anyone. His pricing is competitive and he gives a good service. We’ve been using him for years and wouldn’t use anyone else.

We use proprietary techniques and only the highest quality, non-toxic products, that are safe for pets, children, staff and customers, to rid your home or outdoor areas of dangerous bees, wasps and hornets. Read on to learn about the dangers of wasps and bees nests, and how we deal with them for good.


Got A Wasp, Hornet Or Bees Nest?

It's Putting Your Family Or Staff And Patrons At Risk.

There's nothing more creepy and unsafe than a wasps nest, bees nest, or hornets nest in your home, garden or garage.

More than just unsafe, wasps and bees can be more dangerous to families than snakes, according to the Guardian, as stings can cause potentially deadly anaphylactic shock to set in.

They also found that over 33% of hospital admissions for bites, stings and venom related injuries were caused by bees and wasps.

We're Sydney's Trusted

Wasp, Bee and Hornet Control Experts

Wasps and bees are common in homes across Sydney and New South Wales. They are well known as vicious stingers, with wasps being generally more aggressive than bees.

Both species live in hives, which house colonies of thousands of workers and drones. Most are controlled by a single queen, which lays thousands of grubs, which grow up and leave the nest to forage for food when they are ready.

The biggest threat that bees, wasps and hornets pose is their sting, which are not only very painful, but if you are allergic to the sting, it can cause anaphylaxis, a life-threatening reaction which causes nausea, shock, vomiting and difficulty breathing. It must be treated immediately with an injection of adrenaline or epinephrine, or it can be fatal.

Not only that, but all varieties of wasps are extremely protective of their hive, or nest, and they will attack in large numbers if their hive is disturbed or under threat.

So don't take the risk and put yourself in danger, call us in to safely and swiftly rid you of your wasp, bee or hornet problem, without getting stung!

* A service now trades technician will conduct a thorough inspection prior to your treatment, and provide a written report detailing recommendations for follow up visits, should they be required. All recommendations must be followed in order to be eligible for the money back guarantee.