Bird Repellent Gel

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The cost of cleaning and clearing the debris following bird infestation increases the worse the problem gets. So why leave it to ruin your home and business? We are fully insured and offer a money-back guarantee if we can't fully resolve your bird pest problem.

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Why Choose Us For Bird Repellent Gel?

Money back guarantee if the birds return

17+ year's experience in commercial bird control

Licensed to work at heights & IRATA abseiling certified

Experienced and licensed in operating boom lift & cherry picker

Fully insured & WHS compliant

Able to work with architectural blueprints to offer bird proofing insights before & after construction

Work carried out on time with minimal disturbance

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Preferred & Trusted By

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Bird Repellent Gel

how can it help with pest birds?

When bird pests find a good place to perch or roost they tend to call to other birds and before long, you have an infestation. So it's time to get a reputable, certified bird pest control company in to help remove the problem. That's where we come in.

When considering which method is a good fit for your home or business, we may recommend bird repellent gel. One of the best things about repellent gel is that it will work on any surface. Monuments and Garden statues are popular sites for birds to congregate. They provide excellent vantage points from which to survey the area for food. It can be difficult to place wiring on these since they tend to lack flat areas for attachment. Netting and spikes look unsightly.

The ideal solution would be transparent bird repellent get. As an example, transparent bird repellant gel could be used on many of the statues around Sydney. Bird repellent gel is also an excellent choice for business signage and machinery.

How does bird repellent gel work?

Here's how it works. The smell of the gel is unpleasant to birds, so they tend to stay away from areas treated by bird repellent gel. Secondly, when birds land on the viscous gel, their feet get sticky, which makes it difficult to maneuver and build nests.

They will emit distress calls to warn other birds, and in so doing, they become your mini-me bird pest controllers. Don't worry though, the gel doesn't harm them, and they won't get stuck on the gel. Hence it's a very humane form of bird pest control.

Many DIY enthusiasts buy bird repellent gel for lower perching and roosting places such as ground floor window sills. However, all that happens is that the birds move to more inaccessible areas such as rooftops.

Our licensed professionals are certified to work at heights. Cherry pickers and boom lifts make us the perfect choice for application of bird repellent gel. We can reach the most inaccessible places safely to ensure thorough eradication. Best of all, the ingredients are not harmful to your pets or family.

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Licensed & Certified in Working at Heights, High Risk Work (over 11 meters) & Bird Control

Insured for $20,000,000 Public Liability and $1,000,000 Professional Indemnity Insurance & Workers Compensation (iCare).

Completed over 2,000 Bird Control control jobs with over 17+ years in the industry.

Use new, state of the art equipment, that is no older than 5 years of age.

Use high quality materials that are tried and tested by experts in the field offering warranties from 5 years up to 20 years on jobs.

Certified CM3 (WH&S), Strata Association, Member of MBA, Member of AEPMA, EPA Licensed, Ebix & of course Covid Safe.

Every job includes an inspection prior to work commencing. We take high resolution images prior to every job and after completion.
This enables you to see what exactly how we have completed the works

Guaranteed job completion with no corner cutting. We rely on you to spread the word to your friends, family and businesses.

Give you a price upfront that NEVER CHANGES

Highly recommended by all of our residential and commercial customers like.

They might look harmless, or even cute

but pest birds are a major health risk!

We humans seem to have a deep and long lasting affinity with birds. We emblazon their images on heraldic items, coinage and even our passports. However, it doesn't take more than a few well-aimed aerial attacks to cause a deterioration in relations between us and our feathered friends.

Apart from the unsightly mess which comes with an avian pest infestation, there is also the risk of disease transmission. Bird pests such as Pigeons, Indian Mynas and the Common Starling are the carriers of up to 60 diseases. Pigeons are often called 'rats of the sky' for their ability to spread disease via contact and airborne pathogens. Zoonotic diseases such as E. coli, Candidiasis, Histoplasmosis, St Louis encephalitis, and Salmonellosis can even be fatal.

In addition to the mess and the risk of disease, bird droppings can cause permanent damage to paintwork and buildings. Rectifying damage to property following an infestation can be very costly.

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Our Clients

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Our 3 Step

Bird Proofing Action Plan

Some pest controllers may not do a thorough job or don't choose the best method for eradication. Hence you end up paying for repeated call-outs. Our goal is to get rid of your avian pest problem from your home or business permanently.

A well-thought-out plan of action is the key to success. We approach all of our work with the same three-point plan. Here's how it goes:


Bird proofing Step 1
Investigate & Report

One of our licensed and certified experts will conduct a thorough investigation into the causes of the bird infestation.

The survey will determine access points and roosting areas, noting any damage to building structure or wiring. Environmental factors may indicate a reason for the influx of avian pests to the site.

We will discuss the best method for eradication. There may be several options or a combination which would be suitable.


Bird proofing Step 2
Implement Solutions

The chosen method will be fixed and secured in place. Bird pest droppings and nesting material are highly dangerous to health. Hence, we use high-pressure cleaning tools to ensure we have removed all bird debris.

The materials we use to get rid of your aerial antagonists are of high quality, thus ensuring they are durable and weather resistant. Our products are pet-friendly, and they won't harm your family.


Bird proofing Step 3
Prevent Future Bird Problems

When the task is complete, your fine feathered friends will be gone. Your home or business premises are now sparklingly clean.

Now you need advice on how to keep it that way. Don't worry! We have that covered too. We will send you a comprehensive report detailing the survey findings, and the control method implemented.

Not only that, but we also make sure you know how to keep it bird pest-free.

Pest birds ruining your buiness?

We're ready to help today!

Your business is not safe from bird infestations unless you take preventative action. Bird excrement left to accumulate on window sills and guttering can be very off-putting to clients. Health hazards for staff and visitors are an even greater concern. Bird debris and droppings can fall into machinery, causing malfunctions and reducing business output.

Do you have fleet vehicles with your logo? Consider the impression this is giving to prospective clients when your fleet leaves the loading dock. Bird excrement on van logos is never a good marketing strategy. Most especially is this the case, if you are food suppliers or producers.

Do you want your business to boom? Then it's imperative to implement a bird pest strategy.

Don't wait until your business is suffering. If you have a problem with perching Pigeons, messy Mynas or squawking Starlings we can sort it out. Call one of our experts today and see how we can help.

Birds in your home?

let our friendly team rescue you!

It's the weekend, and you have invited a few friends around. The party is in full swing when suddenly the place is plunged into darkness.

You spend the rest of the weekend cold and miserable trying to get the power back on.

The food in the fridge is off, and the freezer contents are a dripping, inedible mess. Your evening is ruined!

Finally, you discover the reason: birds!

It doesn't take long for bird pests to peck through wiring. Often the damage is not visible from the ground, so you have no idea it's going on until it’s too late. Worse still, you can’t reach the damage to repair it yourself. The cost for an electrician with height equipment is substantial.

You may feel that bird proofing is an expense you can't afford. However, it can cost just as much or even more, to eradicate the pest, clean up the mess and repair the damage.