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If you need any sports netting, whether for personal or commercial use, you need to review your options to ensure that you get the best materials that work well for your sport.

Service Now Trades Solutions can supply and install all types of sports netting professionally and reasonably priced.


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Netting has existed for thousands of years. Over time, technology has developed mesh with far superior qualities. There are numerous benefits to installing and fitting contemporary sports netting. It is an efficient way to separate one area from another; For example, as a line between players on a tennis court or creating a golf swing enclosure.

Mesh barriers are also quite transparent, making them an excellent barrier between spectators and players. Netting protects the audience from flying balls and creates a barrier against jubilant audience members spilling into the playing area. Professionally installed sports netting ensures excellent visibility so everyone can see and enjoy the game. Sports netting is very project specific, so choosing the right one is imperative.

And choosing the right company to install it is even more important. That's where Service Now can help. We are experts in sports netting installation. Call us today for an obligation free quote.

Recent Examples of Our

Sports Netting

Sports Netting


Cricket Practice Net

Whether it’s having fun with family and friends or training for a cricket match, a pre-match warm-up, or a bat around with school friends; training nets are imperative at all levels. Not only does it keep the players safe, but it also prevents balls from inadvertently hitting bystanders.  


Badminton nets do not get as much wear and tear as other sports, as the impact from a lightweight shuttlecock is less damaging, weighing around 4.75 to 5.50 g. Nevertheless, sports facilities and recreational centres are in constant use, so durable nets of the best quality are the better option.


The size of batting cages and nets varies depending on the location and available space. Exposure to changing weather conditions throughout the year affects its longevity when the netting is in an outdoor environment. Therefore, rot-proof and UV-resistant mesh is more durable and better suited to variable weather conditions.


Hockey nets must be sturdy but flexible to allow for deflection from the ball or puck. Hockey nets will likely get a great deal of wear and tear, so selecting a good quality product is extremely important. Outdoor nets must withstand inclement weather, UV radiation, and insects to be a suitable option.

Basketball Net

A basketball net should be strong and flexible. It's not uncommon to see basketball nets torn or entirely damaged from the ring. Investing in a quality net is necessary if you want it to last longer. A good quality net can last as long as the ring and the backboard.

Tennis Nets

Playing tennis without a net is impossible as it's integral to scoring rules. A tennis net should be strong and durable as it may get stretched out and altered due to intensive use. Exposure to the harsh Australian sun throughout the year requires that UV protection is also a must.

Soccer Nets

Materials such as polyethylene or nylon are the usual manufacturing choice for soccer nets. They are available in varying cord diameters and thicknesses, affecting the quality and durability. How well a soccer net holds up against harder play is determined by the quality of the cord and mesh size.

Golf Hitting Nets

One of the great things about owning a golf-hitting net is the fact that you can go and swing whenever you like! You no longer have to make any special plans or pack the equipment to drive to the range. Just go outdoors, pick a club, and swing away.

The benefits of

A practice net

Practice makes perfect, but where do you practice if your space is limited? Maybe you want to practice your golf swing in the garden? Or your kids just want to kick a ball around without smashing the neighbours' window. We can install sports netting virtually anywhere, allowing you and your family to enjoy your sport safely.

The net is crucial for preventing the ball from hitting an innocent bystander and also for ensuring the ball doesn't travel beyond a certain point. T-Ball, Baseball, and other sports are all practised in the same way.

In sports facilities, health and safety legislation dictates that premises must be safe for employees and visitors. Hence good quality professionally installed sports netting is imperative.

Service Now can supply and install practice nets to fit virtually any space. Why wait? Call us today for a quote.

professional sports netting

Our 3 Step

Sports netting Action Plan

In order for your sports netting to be reliable, long-lasting, and easy on the eye, you should use a professional sports netting installation professional like us.

We have our own exclusive 3-step process to ensure your netting is installed to perfection.

sports netting sydney installation in progress

Step 1 - Inspect

Our licensed and certified sports net installer will call out to inspect and measure the intended space. Whilst there, they will ascertain the intended usage of the installation and determine any problems which may arise as to size and positioning.

They will also look for the best method of installing the structure whilst adhering to health and safety regulations.

sports netting project

Step 2 - Report

When our expert has completed their inspection, they will create a report outlining their findings. Our expert can then draw up a plan of action specific to the client's needs using the most suitable net.

We can offer various options depending on the flexibility of the budget and space available.

sports netting installation

Step 3 - Decision Time

The client will choose which suits their budget and preference from the options suggested in our expert report.

Our team are fully licensed and certified to work at heights. Therefore, whatever choice the client makes, they can rest assured that all work complies with Australian health and safety legislation.

Types of Mesh

For Sports Netting

A variety of sports meshes are available on the market and come in different sizes, shapes and colours. All have different qualities and are suitable for placement depending on their usage and installation site. There is a choice of shapes; diamond and square hung are the most commonly used in sports netting. Diamond-shaped mesh is less expensive than the most commonly used square mesh. Diamond shape requires fewer actual fabrication additives at the production stage. Therefore, it costs slightly less due to this fact. However, this also means it is less durable and due to the diamond shaping, it is more challenging to hang vertically, suffering more significant seam issues once placed.

On the other hand, square netting has none of these issues. Square mesh has a natural capacity to hang straight and has a greater tensile strength with a longer life. Mesh is commonly available in black, white, and green, although custom colours can be sourced and supplied as per clients' requests. A key consideration when selecting a net colour is the placement of the netting, whether it's required indoors or outdoors. Placement will have a bearing on the type of colour most suited to the client's needs.

Our Service Now Trade Solutions experts have over 17 years of experience in selecting and fitting the most appropriate mesh for the job. So you can be sure your project is in safe hands.

To Be or knot to be

Know your sports net mesh

Along with choices in colour and shape available are other differences in the properties of the netting material. Differences in material and manufacture will affect the capacity of the netting in terms of its durability and suitability. The difference between knotless or knotted mesh will depend upon the intended use and the impact the mesh will likely receive. Nylon mesh knotted at the corner edges ensures durability for a longer time than its knotless counterpart. The reason is the additional re-enforcement of a knot formation at the corners. There is little danger of snapping or tearing, given the sturdiness of the knots. It's compatible with all net hardware systems. It's simple to repair in the event of damage. On the other hand, if the netting frequently comes into contact with a person's skin, it is seen as a poorer choice as it is scratchy and harsh against the skin.

So whilst many clients may choose knotless netting for a tennis barrier, knotted netting would be a good choice for a batting cage, where high-velocity balls will be pounding the enclosure regularly so that additional strength is needed. Each individual project will determine which mesh is suitable for the installation.

The variance in nettings can be confusing. But all you need to do is tell us your requirements, and we will provide a quote to install the correct net using state-of-the-art tools.

Get your sports netting

Installed by the experts

The Australian government has an ambitious National Sports Plan called Sport 2030. Grants are available for competitors, coaches and official bodies supporting the program. 

This push for a healthier, more active Australia means there will be an emphasis on providing and using facilities offering sports activities. Organisations may see an increase in use in the coming years, and it is wise to prepare now. Are your sports nets up to the task?

Here at Service Now, we supply and fit premium quality sports netting. Our nets give an outstanding performance, even in high-usage environments. Using our expert sports net installers with over 17 years of experience, you can rest assured that your sports netting will work well and look great for many years.

We supply and fit a wide selection of sports nets in various sizes. Whether you are looking for the smallest mesh of 2cm typically used for golf settings. Or perhaps you're looking for 10cm sports net-ting used in volleyball and football environments. Our professional installers can supply and fit all your sports netting needs. So why not call us today and chat with our friendly experts to get your sports netting project started?