Cat Netting

Roof terraces, verandas, and other outdoor areas can be dangerous places for pets.

Keep your precious pets safe with cat netting. Our cat netting solutions are second to none and will ensure your feline friends are kept safe and secure.

Our fully certified and licensed experts will install the most effective cat netting to keep your cat safe.


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Cats are curious creatures. They love to explore new places. But care must be taken even in surroundings that are familiar to them. Areas such as balcony's, roof terraces, and upper floor windows can pose a serious threat to curious cats and their acrobatic endeavours.

Builders and architects usually install safety bars or railings in high places to prevent falls but is this enough? Preinstalled bars and railings are a safety consideration for humans, not pets. Can you be sure the width between railings is tight enough to prevent small cats and kittens from falling through? Are they high enough to stop the most ardent acrobatic high jumpers?

Cats and kittens can wriggle through tiny spaces. Curious, young and small cats are even more vulnerable in places such as these. Cats will do the most daring balancing acts on thin ledges or railing tops, but a slip at this height can be fatal. Is it worth the risk? It's better to be safe than sorry. Install cat netting to be sure that your feline friends are safe.

Cat netting effectively prevents escape from any place, ensuring the safety of your cats and kittens.

We only use top-quality cat netting, which is versatile, strong and weatherproof. As cat netting usually involves work on building elevations and ledges, we ensure that our experts are IRATA certified to work at heights. We have seventeen years of experience and are certified, trained and licensed. We guarantee every job so you can be sure you are getting the best quality service.

Whether you have a Molly or a Tom, call us today for a free, no-obligation quote and keep your pets safe with Cat Netting.

Cat Netting

Stress free pet security

Australians have a special affinity with cats. Some favourites are the Australian Mist, Tabby, Ragdoll, Siamese, and Bengal. A pet cat can be costly to buy, and much time and love lavished on them. Considering the amount of time, love, and money spent, it would be a false economy to skimp on safety.

Theres a common saying that cats have nine lives, but this is more due to a cat's quick reflexes, agility, and flexibility, which help the cat land safely. Cats, like other pets, only have one life, so it’s vital to make sure everything is done to keep our cats and kittens as safe as possible. A lifetime of jumping from heights will take its toll on the most agile cats, and an accidental slip could be fatal.

Another thing to consider is Ariel attacks from birds. We all know that a birds natural predator is the cat, but did you know that there are occasions when cats become the victims of birds. If a pet cat inadvertently enters an area where birds are nesting, an attack on the cat is a genuine possibility. Whether it's birds attacking cats or vice versa, it’s a very distressing situation to witness. Avoid altercations between cats and birds by keeping them apart.

Installing cat netting can prevent an accidental fall or attack from predators. Our cat netting is durable and robust, but most importantly, it's an excellent means of keeping kitty safe. We have fully trained, certified and licensed experts who can ensure your cat's safety quickly and effectively.

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Our 3 Step

Cat safety Action Plan

Contact with bird droppings or nesting materials can be hazardous to you and your family.

Therefore we recommend you only use a licensed professional for the job. Call us today for a thorough investigation and solution to your bird pest issues. Here’s how we do it.


Step 1

The first step in safety for cats and kittens is a thorough analysis of the areas in your home and garden which could pose a hazard to your pets. Our experts work in compliance with health and safety regulations ensuring safety for you and your pets.

We identify areas of concern and issue you with a report identifying each issue. Our team will research various methods to find the best solution for each site.


Step 2

Step 2 involves discussing our findings with the householder and recommending the best solution.

After agreeing on an action plan, we implement the chosen method to keep your cat safe.

All of our cat netting installations are made with top quality products and installed by experts. You can be confident that our methods and products will prevent your cats and kittens from escaping into dangerous territory.

We remove our debris and leave your home clean and pet safe.

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Step 3

When the installation is complete, we will write a detailed report outlining our initial findings on cat safety issues. The report will explain the agreed cat safety action plan and solution used for each area.

Finally, we will supply you with an action plan for ongoing cat safety at the property to ensure that your cats and kittens are safe and secure for years to come.

Residential Cat Netting

Solutions For Playful Pets

Have you ever seen your cat mesmerised by shiny lights or moving objects? It can be very comical to watch them playfully running and jumping all over the place trying to catch the objects. Not to mention passing birds daring to fly over cat territory.

Although it can seem relatively harmless on the ground, when taking place on a balcony or roof terrace, the risk of slipping or jumping over safety rails is an accident waiting to happen. The heartbreaking thought of losing a beloved pet in such circumstances causes many to consider cat netting as a safety option.

Cat netting is an excellent solution that allows cats the freedom to play in safety. The design of our cat netting enables us to incorporate holes in various sizes, which means that whether you have a large tomcat or a tiny kitten, we've got it covered.

Call one of our experts today for helpful advice on how to keep your pet safe.

Business Premises

Cat Safety Netting

Many businesses today operate from home, from small kitchen top operations to homesteads and large farms. Other companies operate from commercial premises. From whatever location a business chooses to operate, business owners should give attention to the safety of animals and pets residing on the property.

Businesses operating from commercial premises need to consider the health and safety of any pets welcomed onto the premises. For example, a  veterinary practice must ensure that all pets entering the property are in a safe environment. Especially pertinent if the practice is also home to the owners. In either case, it would be wise to segregate family pets from client pets to reduce the spread of disease and possible altercations.

When considering farms and homesteads, owners should ensure that family pets do not have access to sharp and dangerous machinery which could harm them. Even more worrying is the recent mouse plague, which has impacted cattle and family pets, including cats. Mouse poison and other methods to eradicate the pest could prove fatal to pet cats who ingest the product.

In the interests of pet safety, we recommend Cat Netting, which effectively keeps pet cats and kittens in a safe zone away from dangerous substances and machinery.