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Our 3 Step

Possum Control Action Plan


Step 1
Investigate & Report

A licensed, certified pest control technician will complete a detailed inspection and assessment of your commercial or residential outdoor areas.

They will closely analyse the area to find where possums have built a territory.

We will report on any environmental or structural conditions that are encouraging or allowing possums to thrive.


Step 2
Implement Solutions

Once we've located and confirmed the sources of your possum problem, we will create and implement a pest control plan tailored to your home or commercial premises.

Simply trapping possums doesn’t work, since they are highly territorial animals, and moving one possum out of the area will only create a territory for a new group of possums to move into.

So we use other, more effective methods and high quality, eco friendly treatments that meet Australian safety standards, and are safe for pregnant women, children, pets and patrons.


Step 3
Prevent Future Possum Problems

Once the initial possum problem has been treated, we will provide a report on how to prevent future problems, and offer ongoing solutions to ensure possums and other pests don't return.

You will be given a report detailing the cause of the possums in your space, the work carried out and recommendations on preventing future pest issues.




Homeowner, Petersham

Service Now helped with me when I had possums in my garden. The service was professional and since they did their treatment, I haven’t seen a possum in my front or back garden. Good service that I’d recommend for getting rid of possums.


Strata Manager

I appreciated Adam taking the time to come out at the weekend to fix our possum issue. Really attentive, worked around our time frames, and took the extra time to make sure we had a plan to stop it happening again. I’d definitely call him again if I have a pest problem.


Real Estate Manager

We had possums in the communal outdoor areas of the building, and Service Now were responsive and prompt with their service. Adam knows his stuff and got straight to it. Thanks from the whole team.

We use proprietary techniques and only the highest quality, toxic free products, that are safe for pets, children, staff and customers, to rid your home or outdoor areas of destructive possums. Read on to learn how dangerous possums can be, and how we deal with them for good.


Seen A Possum?

It's Not Just A Harmless Nuisance.

Don't let their pointy ears, big eyes and bushy tail fool you. Although they may look cute, friendly, and harmless, possums are anything but. They are generally aggressive and destructive, feeding on the eggs of defenceless, unhatched baby birds.

Not only that, but possums can spread disease, and have been known to spread bovine tuberculosis.

Add to this the fact that they will attack if they feel threatened, and you have a big problem on your hands. One that poses a serious threat to children and pets.

So call the pest control Sydney trusts, and we'll help solve your possum pest problem once and for all using humane and effective techniques.

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Possum Control Experts

As mentioned above, possums are known disease carriers, and addition to tuberculosis, they have been found to spread many other infectious diseases such as leptospirosis, relapsing fever, spotted fever, toxoplasmosis, and changas disease. They are also usually infested with live or tics.

The most common species of possum found in Sydney's gardens, shed and garages are the bushtail possum and the ringtail possum. Both types live in their own 'home territory'. This is an area that they will create a den in, and will defend if threatened.

Once they have established their territory, they will forage for food, destroying nearby fruit bearing trees and vegetable patches, whilst occasionally feasting on the unhatched eggs they find in birds nests.

They will also seek out dry and warm areas to create a den, which means they will often attempt to create a den in the ceiling space of your home. The first sign that a possum has nested in your home will be urine stains on your ceiling. This will be followed by droppings in your home or garden, which can spread illness.

So don't let your home get ruined by these pesky pests, call us and we will solve the problem with our humane, chemical free solutions.

* A service now trades technician will conduct a thorough inspection prior to your treatment, and provide a written report detailing recommendations for follow up visits, should they be required. All recommendations must be followed in order to be eligible for the money back guarantee.