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Our highly experienced and professional team will remove your pest problem, guaranteed.

If your pests return, then so will we, to fix the problem for good. And if we still can't get rid of your pest, we'll give you your money back, guaranteed.

We're competitively priced and provide fast, effective pest control services across Sydney.


Why Choose Us?

100% money back guarantee if the pests return*

17+ year's experience in pest control

Licensed to treat absolutely any pest in any environment

Pet and child friendly pest control agents used

Rated 4.5 stars on Google.

We respect your home and business premises, and carry out work with minimal disturbance

Preferred & Trusted By

Preferred & Trusted By

  • All of our employees are trained and qualified for the job.
  • No subcontractors!
  • Never do we engage any online services such as Airtasker or Hipages!
  • When you call us, you will speak to real people in Sydney, not a call centre!
  • Family owned, operated in Sydney since 2013!

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Offers and Discounts

Pest Control from $99

Our experienced, accredited team provide friendly, professional pest control service to Sydneysiders.

But we also make it affordable.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a pest free home and business, so we offer pest control Sydney can afford, with services starting at just $99.

So whether pest birds are ruining your customers' experience, or you have cockroaches in your home, call us today and see just how competitive our prices are!

Money Back Guarantee

Most pest control services in Sydney will tell you they do a great job.

But will they put their money where their mouth is? We will.

When you book a ServiceNow pest control job in Sydney, you can rest easy knowing that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. So if your pest problem returns, so will we, until the pests are gone forever. Or we'll give you a full refund!

Call now for guaranteed pest control.

Bundle services and save!

Now hold on a minute, are you staying that you have more than 1 pest that you need to get rid of at your house or business?

That's ok, have a look at our combined services and save money! If you need your house sprayed for cockroaches and general pests, plus you need to have a termite inspection or rodent treatment or both, then combine them together to get completed on the same day and save a big $$$!

Just enquire within and we will let you know how much you have saved this year.

10% Seniors Discount On All Pest Control Work

We believe that it's important to support our local community in any way we can.

A great institution that helps seniors in Sydney is Seniors Card NSW.

So to show our support for this great organisation, we have a special offer: we are happy to take 10% off of the price of your job if you are a senior**.

Call now for 10% off as a senior.

Why Choose Us?

Our Service Vs. The Rest

Benefit to you

Licensed & Certified in Working at Heights, High Risk Work (over 11 meters) & Bird Control

Insured for $20,000,000 Public Liability and $1,000,000 Professional Indemnity Insurance & Workers Compensation (iCare).

Completed over 2,000 Bird Control control jobs with over 17+ years in the industry.

Use new, state of the art equipment, that is no older than 5 years of age.

Use high quality materials that are tried and tested by experts in the field offering warranties from 5 years up to 20 years on jobs.

Certified CM3 (WH&S), Strata Association, Member of MBA, Member of AEPMA, EPA Licensed, Ebix & of course Covid Safe.

Every job includes an inspection prior to work commencing. We take high resolution images prior to every job and after completion.
This enables you to see what exactly how we have completed the works

Guaranteed job completion with no corner cutting. We rely on you to spread the word to your friends, family and businesses.

Give you a price upfront that NEVER CHANGES

Highly recommended by all of our residential and commercial customers like.

Pest Control




Birds can wreak havoc on your home or business.

Not only can they spread a variety of nasty diseases, but when pest birds make a home of your home or commerical premises, they get to work destroying wiring and creating other damage.

We have the equipment, and licenses to work at heights that are needed to rid you of your bird problem. Contact us today for an end to your bird problem.

cockroach pest control


Definitely one of the most disgusting and creepy pests they're also one of the most common pests found in Sydney businesses and homes.

Cockroaches are known for being filthy, and they are carriers of many serious diseases, such as diarrhoea, dystentery and typhoid.

We offer a range of effective and safe methods to rid your space of roaches.


Hornets, Bees & Wasps

Although they have a role to play in the ecosystem, bees, wasps, and hornets can often be a serious pest.

Their ability to sting makes them a potential hazard in any area, and in large swarms they can be geniunely deadly.

We offer humane ways to contain and safely remove wasp, bee and hornet nests from your property.



Don't let their cute facade fool you. Possums aren't friendly, and their fur can hide a multitude of health risks in the home and business.

Possums carry diseases which can be transmitted through contact with their skin or fur, not to mention that their fur often contains nasty ticks and other parasites.

Out methods for possum pest control are humane and don't harm the possum, but they remove the possums from your property for good.

rat pest control

Rats & Mice

Rats are a nightmare for any Sydney business or homeowner. Not only are they difficult to get rid of, but they can do serious damage to health and property.

Rats and mice are notorious for spreading diseases including salmonellosis and leptospirosis. Not only that, but they gnaw through everything from wood to electrical cables, causing untold damage in the process.

Our mice and rats pest control services get rid of the problem in a way that is safe, effective, and eco-friendly.



The only common Sydney pest that's so scary, fear of it has a name: arachnophobia. 

Nobody can be blamed for being startled when seeing a spider creeping around their home or business. And for good reason: some spiders, such as the redback, give a painful and poisonous bite that can be life-threatening. Others, like the huntsman, are just plain creepy.

No matter what spiders are ruining your home or business, we can eradicate them using tried and tested methods and agents.

termite pest control


Although they're rarely seen, you can ask any Sydney homeowner or business owner who has encountered them, and you'll get the same response: these pests are one of the most destructive creatures on earth!

Termites can quickly cause serious, irreversible damage to anything that contains wood, pulp or anything containing plant material. They've also been known to eat even plastic. This means no part of your home is safe from the destruction termites can cause.

Our termite pest solutions are permanent and guaranteed to work.

ant pest control


It seems every Sydneysider has had ants swarm their business or home at one point or another.

These small and mighty pests colonise areas, and quickly go in search of food. And once they've developed a taste for the food they find in your home, they become permanent tenants.

Luckily, at ServiceNow, we have tried and tested methods to safely eliminate ants in your home or business. These methods are pet friendly and eco friendly, but 100% effective at removing the problem for good.



Our 3 Step

Pest Control Action Plan

testing for pests

Step 1
Investigate & Report

We will send a certified and accredited pest control professional to your home or business.

They will conduct a thorough assessment of your property to determine not only where the pest is coming from, but what factors are allowing the pest to thrive in your home.

They will detail their findings in the form of a written report, along with a plan of attack for fixing the problem once and for all.

action shot of pest control job

Step 2
Implement Solutions

Once the investigation phase is over, we're ready to solve your pest control issue for good.

Your pest professional will discuss your options with you, highlighting methods that will be most cost-effective, and they will detail exactly how they will approach the job, so you are kept informed at every step of the way.

All of the pest control methods we use are pet safe and environmentally friendly.

bird proofing using netting

Step 3
Prevent Future Problems

Getting rid of your pest problem is only half the battle won.

In order to ensure that your pest problem never returns, we will present the ways in which you can completely avoid a pest problem occurring again.

You'll be given a full report of the work carried out, along with an action plan for how we will keep your area free from pests forever.

*We will return to provide a free call out service. However, all recommendations from our pest technicians must be followed and applied in order to qualify for your money back. This includes hygiene measures.

**This discount applies to residential customers only. Proof must be provided that you are a senior (over the age of 60) in order to qualify for the discount.