1# Bird Facts – How Do I Stop Birds From Pooping!

1# Bird Facts – How Do I Stop Birds From Pooping!

You’ve just moved into your new home, and everything is pristine.  The house is perfect and pretty birds in the tree next door sing and chirp. You’re feeling very zen. You are eager to invite family and friends over for a housewarming party to enjoy cold beers, a sizzling BBQ and sunshine. Guests arrive and wander happily over to the patio for a feed and a laugh.

But this is where the fun stops: avian aerial bombers have got there first – pest birds. The whole area looks like the aftermath of a paintballing game, and the only colour available was white.

The pretty birds from next door have decided to relocate, and your home is the place they’ve chosen.

As guests flee your house with stained clothes, you may ask, how do I keep birds from pooping on my patio? There is no shortage of anecdotal remedies. Many of which include shiny baubles, reflective discs, colourful windmills, chimers and spinners. Some may help, but do you really want your garden to look like a magpies retreat or a badly designed children’s play area? We’ve been in the bird pest control business for years, and we’ve put together a list of trusted remedies that are proven to be effective when birds strike.

Is it possible to have a stylish and poop-free patio?

Before you start stringing up your prized AC/DC collection and raiding grandma’s Christmas decoration box to repurpose as shiny bird scarers, consider calling an expert for advice. There are several unobtrusive deterrents that, when professionally installed, are very effective in keeping birds away.

Licensed bird pest controllers have access to numerous nuisance bird deterrents ready to be installed almost anywhere. The problem may not be the patio itself but the food which is left out. Thoroughly removing leftovers and scraps when the meal has ended will help to deter them.

Birds are often attracted because they see a food source close to where they roost. They may swoop in to dine and retire to their perching spot. A professional inspection will reveal access points which they will block. Roofs, ledges and sills, make perfect spots for birds to look out for food. Blocking a birds-eye view of eating areas is the first step in having a stylish and poop-free patio.

Time For a Change

There is a wide range of charming birdhouses for sale, which make the garden look idyllic. They come in various designs, from country cottage style to old Colonial. Their purpose is to invite birds to the garden. If there is already a bird pest issue, then it’s time to remove them. However, this can be tricky if there are birds already nesting in them. Destroying or tampering with the nesting of native birds is illegal and will incur heavy penalties. To avoid penalties, it might be a good idea to seek the advice of a professional pest controller on the issue.

Having birdbaths and wire feeders in the garden or near the patio is like a flashing neon welcome sign to nuisance birds. Removing these is a much easier task since birds don’t nest on these items.

Garden water features too will draw birds to the garden, so it might be a good time to consider removing them.

Bird Poop Cleanup: Dry brushing

Some people recommend dry brushing. Unfortunately, inhaling aerosolised bacteria from the droppings causes serious health problems such as Psittacosis (Ornithosis).

Pneumonia is a possibility in severe cases, and rare complications include myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) or encephalitis (inflammation of the brain).

NSW government recommends the use of gloves, a P2 respirator, disposable cap and protective clothing when working with infected birds.

However, as birds often show no signs of infection, it would be impossible for householders to determine whether their feathered gate crashers were infected or not. Therefore, it is wise for anyone cleaning bird droppings, feathers or nesting materials to wear the correct PPE. Other sites recommend even more PPE, and as much of it is disposable, cleaning up bird droppings can become very expensive. In the long run, many find it works out cheaper and safer to hire a professional service from the start.

Bird Poop Cleanup: Wet Cleanup

Some recommend wetting the area first. But before you reach for the Pine O Cleen, consider the following advice from the HSE to construction workers. HSE recommends that tasks directly involving bird droppings should not be given to workers with a weak immune system even when wearing full PPE.

Wet cleaning involving vigorous scrubbing and pressure is also hazardous as there is a similar danger of inhalation via aerosolised droplets. As professional pest controllers, we only use specialist washers and full PPE when cleaning areas of infestation. Many disinfectants cause respiratory irritation and are hazardous. Hence we use only products which are fully compliant with Health and safety regulations.

As bird guano (bird excrement) is so dangerous, it’s essential to consider the effect not only on the person doing the cleaning but also on other members of the family. Vulnerable adults and children are, particularly at risk.

All in One Bird Pest Service

As a licensed bird pest control specialist, the very first thing we do is a thorough inspection of the property. After highlighting entry points, perching and nesting sites, we work out the best method to ensure your patio is a poop-free zone. However bad the infestation is, we have the know-how to sort it out for you.

Height is no problem. We use a cherry picker or boom lift to reach and secure an effective solution.

We don’t just get rid of the birds. We always use specialist cleaning equipment and products to clean and disinfect the area ready for you to use again.

We offer a 24/7 service. Every job is guaranteed, and we don’t cut corners.

The products we use are of the highest standards and comply with health and safety regulations. Having seventeen years of experience, you can be confident that you are getting a top-quality service.

So if you’re wondering how do I keep birds from pooping on my patio, give us a call for a no-obligation quote at a price you can afford.