3 Bird Netting Facts You Need To Know

Bird Netting, Bird Removal

Count the Cost Many people ask, ‘How much does it cost to get bird netting?’ Is it more cost-effective to install DIY? To correctly determine the total cost of installing bird netting, other monetary and non-monetary factors need consideration. There is a very old aphorism that states that ‘Time is money.’ Therefore time spent on…

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Bird Pests On Demand FACTS

Bird Pests - bird-control-pest-control

Feathered Friends or Flying Foe – Bird Pests FACTS Bird Pests – Beautiful and graceful as they fly, The Indian Myna, the Common Sparrow, The sweet chirping of the Barbary Dove, or Rainbow Lorikeet, is music to our ears, but which birds are a pest and which are beautiful is not always such an easy…

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