3 Bird Netting Facts You Need To Know

3 Bird Netting Facts You Need To Know

Count the Cost

Many people ask, ‘How much does it cost to get bird netting?’ Is it more cost-effective to install DIY? To correctly determine the total cost of installing bird netting, other monetary and non-monetary factors need consideration.

There is a very old aphorism that states that ‘Time is money.’ Therefore time spent on any pest control, as on any venture which impinges on earning capacity must be taken into account. For example, consider some of the things that will impact the overall cost of installing bird netting.

  • Time spent researching the best type of netting available for your project regarding quality, colour, and aperture size for the bird species in question.
  • Cost in terms of time off work for design and installation.
  • Hire costs of machinery for high or difficult to reach areas.
  • Time taken off work for correction or repair if the installation fails.
  • Costs in terms of wildlife suffering if netting is poorly tensioned or holes are too large, allowing smaller wildlife to become trapped.

Bird Netting for Commercial Premises

Objectives for bird netting differ between commercial premises. When bird netting a factory or office, the aim may be to prevent birds from entering the factory and processing areas. Feathers and guano can fall into machinery and cause processing difficulties. Disease from birds can cause health problems for staff and result in time off sick, resulting in diminished productivity.

Food and beverage manufacture and supply facilities also need to address the issue of bird pest management. In addition to staff health and safety, they have an even greater responsibility to the general public. Products will be distributed through a variety of eateries for consumption by the general public. Therefore, it is imperative that food premises are scrupulously clean and clear of all pest infestations. Bird guano and nesting materials can cause significant health issues. Any breach of the NSW food safety laws can list the company on the Name and Shame Register of the NSW government.

Flying foxes and Fruit Trees

The agricultural industry enables the enjoyment of a varied and healthful diet. To supply consumer demands, farmers must consider the cost and efficacy of bird pest control measures. However, it’s not just birds who have a predilection for fruit. There are around 1,500 orchards in NSW producing fruit that flying foxes enjoy. Flying foxes are a protected species and pose no threat to those living near flying fox camps. As natural habitats decline, flying foxes are forced into urban areas to forage for food, but there appears to be no increase in their numbers. 

Although being a protected species, farmers routinely shoot flying foxes to prevent infestations and produce destruction.  However, the NSW government recently put a halt to the shooting of flying foxes. The law came into force as of 1st July 2021. Orchards can be challenging to treat, and many methods are not suitable to prevent infestation. So what humane methods are available to control bird pests and flying foxes?

Bird Netting Options

Throw over bird netting is the cheaper option to secure produce against birds and flying foxes, but the NSW government recommends permanent bird netting as the most effective solution.

The department of planning, Industry and Environment of NSW warns against the use of monofilament mesh as this tends to cause severe injury to wildlife that may become trapped. Appropriately sized mesh gaps prevent smaller birds from accessing the area and becoming trapped. White netting has proved to be more successful since wildlife find it easier to see and more likely to avoid the area. Correct installation and tension are needed to achieve the best outcome without causing harm to wildlife.

If professionals erect the project, the installation should hold for many years using quality products. When calculating the initial outlay against the savings in product quality and quantity, professionally installed netting can prove to be a very cost effective solution.

Residential Bird Control

Birds can cause considerable damage to buildings and paintwork. A car parked on a drive with overhanging trees is likely to become speckle painted in bird droppings very quickly. Bird droppings are highly corrosive, and the longer the bird pest problem goes on, the more irreversible the damage. When considering the cost of bird netting, it’s essential to think about how much it would cost to repair car paintwork and buildings.

Electrical wiring, damaged by pecking, is a considerable threat to the health and safety of the whole family. Where the damage is out of sight or out of reach, the use of specialist equipment is imperative for bird pest protection and remedial works. The cost in terms of the health and safety of the family is paramount. Hence for health and safety reasons alone, netting installations at heights should always be fitted by a certified and licensed pest control expert.

Professional Bird Pest Controllers You Can Trust

In addition to the above, the cost in terms of human life or health if there is an accident during set up. Accidents can result in loss of earnings and, depending on the severity, permanent disability or extended recuperation.

Serious zoonotic diseases (passed from animal to humans) such as Psittacosis and Salmonella can cause severe health problems or even death.

Remember too that there is no guarantee for DIY projects. If it fails, the cost of hiring a professional to repair the defects or reinstall could cost more than the original installation would have cost using a trained and licensed professional.

In the long run, it is often cheaper and less time-consuming to hire an expert with a sound knowledge of bird pests and control methods.

Our experienced bird pest controllers comply with best health and safety practices as outlined by the Australian Government. All of our experts are certified, licensed and trained to work at heights using boom lifts and cherry pickers.

Are you wondering, ‘how much does it cost to get bird netting?’ Call us today for specialist advice and a no-obligation quote.