Is bird netting the best option for our warehouse?

Do you think you have a pest bird problem in your warehouse? 

In a warehouse, birds have so many places to nest, roost and cause damage down below on materials and equipment by way of defecating. This causes thousands of dollars’ worth of damage and can create an issue with your customers if not dealt with properly. 

Generally speaking, the only reason why birds have found your warehouse the best place to be, is because they have found a suitable place to nest high up in a corner, far away from you and other predatory birds.

If your business suffers from this problem, Service Now Trades has helped hundreds of customers in finding the best solution by way of Bird Netting, Bird Spikes and even bird baiting. Let’s read on to find out more.

Do I have birds in my warehouse?

The best way to detect bird problems is to go for a walk around the warehouse and look for droppings. Alternatively, you will find that the staff will be complaining that they getting bombed with bird droppings on their desk and other parts of the warehouse.

You’ll specifically want to look around the beams and the framework of your warehouse which crisscross throughout the whole property. Those are the typical hotspots you’ll find birds in. To locate any possible nests, look around the corners of the building, you will most likely find the bird problem.

What type of birds is in the warehouse?

There are several different types of birds can cause problems in your warehouse, including but not limited to: 


Pigeons can be a massive problem in a warehouse and are generally the main pest birds in warehouses. They carry a vast range of bacteria and diseases such as ornithosis, salmonella in their droppings and can also carry bird lice which is a terrible pest to get rid of. 

Histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis can be found in pigeons’ droppings as well. This presents a significant health risk to the staff by way of simply breathing in the air. Food can also be easily contaminated if droppings get into contact with them.


Swallows can be very detrimental to a warehouse facility as they are hard to get rid of once they get in. They create a lot of noise pollution and carry parasites like arthropod bird bugs and bird mites. Again, looking out for these birds is by way of locating droppings. These are usually presented against the walls instead of the ground. Look to the walls for signs for swallows in my warehouse.

Indian Mynas

The problem with Indian Mynas is that they are very intelligent birds. They communicate quite well between each other and will be able to devise plans to escape your reactive measures. Sometimes, a baiting or trapping program can become non successful as if not done properly, will learn the technique being used and will do everything to escape not being trapped or baited. Hard ones to deal with, but we have methods. 

Like most other urban birds, a Myna bird can contaminate property with its droppings, transmit disease and introduce parasites to other animals and humans.

Why do I need to get rid of birds in my warehouse and how do I do it?

Your warehouse is a business that needs to house materials, product, equipment and of course, your staff. Not successfully maintaining anyone of these means that your business is at risk of losing productivity and in turn, losing money. Some companies that we have helped with birds in warehouses range from large scale warehouse to small food production and catering. We have solutions for all types of warehouses.

  • Sharp
  • Bunnings
  • Good Guys
  • Hugos Chocolates
  • Independent Clothing
  • & more…

Now that we have talked about the problems within the warehouse and how birds are a huge issue, lets talk about what we can do to solve that problem for you.

Let’s go over some viable solutions to get rid of birds from your production facilities.

Bird Netting

Installing bird netting is by far the best solution to a bird problem in a warehouse. But this can cause an issue as the cost to have this installed is usually within the tens of thousands of dollars. This is the best option, yes. But will most likely be the most expensive. If all else fails, then bird netting is the best choice. 

Once the netting is installed, birds wont be able to reach the top of the rafters/ beams and set up nests or give them the ability to perch.

If you want to control your bird infestation problem, the best solution would be to have a professional install bird netting in your warehouse or facility.

Bird Spiking

Bird spiking a warehouse is also another option for you. Again, this does cost quite a bit of money to have completed as it works off how many meters needs to be installed. However, again like bird netting, this is one of the best options to have in the warehouse for the fight against birds.

If bird netting your warehouse is not an option, then bird spiking is the next best thing. Let one of our guys come out and inspect to give you the best option.

Bird Baiting

Sometimes, when all else fails, the only option is bird baiting. This is where a professional comes in at a time that is organised with the staff in the warehouse and begin a bird baiting program. This program aims at killing off the current birds in place (pigeons and Indian Mynas only). This is very successful and works 100% of the time.

To have this program in place, you would need to have one of our staff inspect the area and see if this is the best option.

Eliminate Troublesome Locations

You’ll need to eliminate any areas in your property that will attract birds. This means cleaning up any stagnant water, covering trash cans, moving eating areas, or getting rid of them altogether.

When should I get rid of my bird problem?

Now! There is no time to wait. If you postpone the removal of any bird, it only gives them more chance to reproduce and cause more damage. Once birds have called your warehouse home, then they are there to stay. Plus free rent in Sydney, why would they leave?

We have fully licensed and insured technicians ready and waiting to inspect and provide a free quotation for your warehouse needs. We come and inspect, take photos, learn, and listen to your problem and then find the best solution for you. Remember, bird netting may not be the best option. So, lets chat about what it could be.

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