Bird Control Cost? # 3 Main Valuable FACTS

One of the first things to consider when weighing the advantages and disadvantages of professional bird control is how much does bird control cost?

Many people feel that installing bird control measures is much cheaper as a DIY project. Bird Control and bird repellent and eradication equipment is widely available, being sold at many DIY and home improvement stores.

But before you decide to go all-in on DIY, and spend money on a variety of bird control measures, it may be well to count the cost in terms of personal proficiency against professional experience and knowledge. Not to mention the potential difference in how effective the final result might be.

Many considerations could influence this decision. Considering the following questions may help determine whether or not professional help is needed.

  • What type of bird is it?
  • What is the size of the infestation?
  • Would there be a difference in efficacy between DIY or professional services?
  • Would the method of eradication have an impact on cost?

Can you be sure that the bird you are attempting to control or eradicate is not an endangered species? If not, it may be better to get help from a trained and licensed expert to avoid expensive penalty costs.  

Bird Control Cost – What type of bird is it?

Is it a bird pest or a native protected bird?

The category of birds as pests may differ from state to state. In New South Wales, the European Blackbird, Myna bird, Sparrows and Starlings are considered bird pests and are therefore not protected.

However, take care when identifying this bird pest as it is very similar in appearance to the Australian raven, forest raven, little raven and the little crow, which are native and therefore have protected status.

Hence, when asking how much does bird control cost, it would be wise to bear in mind the cost of the penalty you might face if you accidentally harm a protected or threatened bird.

Take this example from Victoria, which has some real similarities to how things work here in NSW. According to The Sunday Herald, Victorians may be subject to increased penalties for harming native animals as the law surrounding native protected species is being reviewed. The same article states the penalty in other states as between $22,000 and $200,000 for killing wildlife illegally.

What is the size of the infestation?

Is it a significant infestation or just a few birds that have recently begun roosting on the property? If the issue is a recent and minor problem, many homeowners attempt to do the work themselves. The cost will depend on the method used for bird control, and prices will vary considerably. If the bird control equipment is not installed correctly or is insufficient, it may cost more than calling in a professional. If the issue has been ongoing and has grown over time, then it may be better to speak to an experienced expert from the start.

Bird pests are a problem in many commercial premises, especially those which serve, produce or pack food products. In these circumstances, even a handful of pest birds are a problem, as droppings can fall into machinery and contaminate whole batches of food. It’s a false economy for any business to cut corners when considering bird pest control as this can cost more in terms of health and safety.

Would there be a difference in effectiveness between DIY or professional services? Bird Control Cost

In most circumstances, professional bird control services are more effective. Efficacy in bird control by a specialist is due to their training and experience. In addition, professionals will have the correct state of the art equipment for the job. They are also compliant with health and safety legislation and can ensure that the products they use are top quality and safe for people and pets. Using cherry pickers and boom lifts, professional bird control contractors can reach parts of the property that may be dangerous for an amateur to attempt. They know the best method for each situation and have the experience to ensure that the pest control methods they install will work.

Whether the infestation is in a home or commercial premises, the danger to humans is a health and safety matter, as birds can carry diseases that can be life threatening to humans. Contact with birds and their droppings can spread diseases such as Salmonellosis, Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis and E.coli. Therefore, it may be better to hire a professional rather than to risk spreading disease.

Bird Control Cost the method of eradication have an impact on cost?

The simple answer is yes. There are many bird control methods and many different products such as bird netting, spikes, ultrasonic devices, baiting, repellent gel, shock tape and wiring. The quality and quantity of the product chosen will have an impact on the overall cost. The cost will also vary considerably dependant on the method chosen, location and the size of the infestation.

For example, a few birds congregating on a ground floor window ledge requires less product and no specialist equipment. Therefore, bird control measures will be relatively cheap to install. A large bird pest infestation on a roof would cost more. The cost will be higher because more materials are needed as the infestation is more extensive.  Specialist equipment is also necessary to reach the problem. In circumstances such as these, it’s better to hire an expert for health and safety reasons as the roof may be very slippery from bird droppings.

Bird Control Cost – Count the cost

It’s essential to consider the above factors that impact the cost before making a final decision regarding bird control.

Most importantly, the cost in terms of dollars should never outweigh the cost in terms of health and safety. Installing products at heights can be dangerous. Hence bird control measures should always be installed by a professional using the correct equipment. Some bird control products can be hazardous and must be handled with care to ensure the safety of humans and pets. Nesting material and droppings can spread disease. Considering all of this, can you afford not to have professionals for the job?

In the end, it all comes down to the price. So how much does bird control cost? Every job is different and needs individual evaluation for an accurate quote. Why not call us today for a free no-obligation quote? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our very competitive prices.  We have over 17 years of experience, we are fully insured, licensed and certified, and health and safety compliant. Not only that, but if you keep up with regular maintenance and the pest returns, we’ll come back and fix it up for free!