Get Rid of Birds 3 Worthwhile Facts

Get Rid of Birds - bird-baiting

Get Rid of Birds – You wake up: it’s a beautiful day and you throw open the windows for a big breath of fresh air. But the sight that greets you is bird droppings along the window sill. Looking up to see where they have come from, you meet with the beady-eyed stare of a Magpie. It’s swooping season, and you notice a large scruffy nest high up in a tree close by. There’s bound to be chicks in that nest. The parents will protect their young and are known to attack animals and humans who come too close. You close the window as quickly as possible when you see a large magpie setting its sights and ready to swoop. Magpies group together, so there may be up to twenty five birds out there.

You have to go to work, the kids have to go to school, the dog needs a walk, and you wonder, what’s the best way to get rid of birds?

Get Rid of Birds – How to deal with protected birds

The Australian magpie is a protected native bird in certain states, so you can’t harm it or kill it. There are stiff penalties for even touching the nest.

So what can you do? You could try running the gauntlet of ariel attackers, but even if you get to the car unharmed, those streaks of white bird poop on new your suit won’t impress your clients. You could try keeping eye contact with the bird while you rush your family to the car. But you just know that someone will fall over and it will end up like a horror scene from ‘The Birds’.

Or you could simply do the sensible thing and call a professional bird controller. An expert will have all the knowledge and expertise necessary to deal with your bird problem, regardless of the type of bird. Only an appropriately licenced and certified professional is permitted to deal with aggressive protected birds.  Why risk penalties and bird attacks trying to deal with the problem yourself when you can just call a professional pest controller?

Get Rid of Birds – How to deal with unprotected bird pests

It may seem easy enough to deal with a few pesky birds on your property. But before contemplating a plan of action, you need to be sure that the birds causing the problem are listed as pests and therefore not protected by the state in which you live.

Birds listed as pests in NSW are The Common or Indian Myna (Acridotheres tristis), The Common Starling (Sturnus vulgaris), and the Feral Pigeon (Columba livia).

The same site lists the birds which endorsed game hunters are allowed to kill. The Crested Pigeon and Bronzewing Pigeon come under the heading of ‘Native game birds’. However, the footnote tells us that there is insufficient data on the populations of these pigeons to form a Statewide Quota. Therefore it is illegal to kill them.

Would you know the difference between a Feral Pigeon, a Crested Pigeon or a Bronzewing Pigeon? If you make a mistake and kill the wrong type of Pigeon, you could be in for a hefty fine and more trouble than you bargained for. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so it would be wise to seek the advice of a bird control expert.

Get Rid of Birds – Dangers of DIY Bird Pest Control

Eradicating a few pesky birds from your property may be more complicated than you think. If you choose the wrong method of eradication, you could even make the problem worse. Poorly or wrongly installed bird control methods can do more harm than having no bird proofing at all. For example, bird netting, which is the wrong size or allows entry at specific points, may allow smaller birds to become trapped inside the enclosure. Birds, droppings and nesting materials harbour diseases such as Salmonellosis,  Candidiasis, Histoplasmosis,  St. Louis Encephalitis, E.coli and Cryptococcosis, to name but a few.

Avian ectoparasites are often found around birds, their droppings and nesting material. Ticks, fleas, bedbugs, chicken mites, hippoboscid flies and yellow mealworms are just a few.

Birds may attract other pests such as mice and rats to your property, at which point, the infestation becomes more difficult to treat. Given the recent mouse plague in NSW, can you afford to take the risk?

When you consider the dangers of removing birds and their debris, it might be better to rely on the skills of a professional bird pest controller.

Get Rid of Birds – Professional Bird Control – Guaranteed Results

All forms of pest control are regulated and heavily legislated. Such measures are partly due to the severe impact which pests have on the environment and native wildlife. Methods of eradication can also pose a threat if misused and without proper training. Correct equipment and safety handling is an integral part of implementing an effective pest control solution.

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Our cherry pickers and boom lifts ensure that we can access all areas to install every type of bird control measure needed safely. So there’s no need for you to risk life and limb crawling up old ladders, which may not be steady or even high enough. Take the risk out of dealing with your bird pest problem by leaving it with us.

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