Bird Netting Sydney 4 Investment Need To Knows!

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Bird Netting Sydney – So you’re considering Bird Netting Sydney, and you want to be sure that it’s a good investment. Much depends on the magnitude of the project. For commercial purposes, the initial outlay will be more than covering a few backyard trees.

Is the project a permanent structure, or will it be used for seasonal protection? Unless it’s for a one-off project, netting will need replacement at some point. To determine whether Bird Netting Sydney is a good investment, you want to know how long does Bird Netting Sydney last?

Although manufacturers give an estimate of up to 10 years, this is very much dependent on various factors. In determining the viability of Bird Netting Sydney, these points need serious consideration. For example, the longevity of the net may be influenced by whether the mesh is UV resistant, rotproof, and whether the fabric is of high quality or not. The following points may also be helpful to consider.

Bird Netting Sydney – Factors Affecting How Long Bird Netting Lasts

Storage: Bird Netting Sydney should never be stored when wet as this can impact its lifespan. Netting should be stored away from sunlight and in an area free of mice and other vermin.

Quality: Bird netting comes in a variety of weights and grades. Cheap Bird Netting Sydney may seem like a good idea compared to the extra cost of better quality netting. However, the question is, will it last as long as good quality netting?  Will it break down quicker and thereby cost more in the long run?

Use: Seasonal throw-over netting may be cheaper to install than fixed structures, but the net can become damaged over time. Throw over netting is prone to movement from wind and the process of fixing and removal each season. Tears and snags occur when nets are in direct contact with sharp structures on trees, shrubs and rough fixing posts.

The damage can be lessened by a simple structure beneath the net, ensuring it does not directly contact the tree itself. Post caps to cover rough post ends will reduce the risk of tears and snags.

Bird Netting Sydney Longevity For Residential Purposes

Bird Netting Sydney is incredibly versatile. One can use netting over fruit trees, bushes and vegetable patches too. However, even if you protect your produce, your neighbour may not protect theirs. Your roof or window ledges are good vantage points for birds to spot food sources in neighbouring properties. Especially is this so if neighbours have bird proofed their roof and window ledges leaving no place for birds to land. The result is an influx of birds to your property. Carports, recreational areas, courtyards and balconies are also vulnerable areas.

Professional installation is a factor in the longevity of Bird Netting Sydney. Particularly where netting is required in high or hard-to-reach areas. If the tension is too loose, netting is prone to wind damage when nets scrape against rough spots on buildings. Too tight, and tearing becomes a risk. The wrong hole size and the installation becomes ineffective. Professional bird controllers can ensure correct quality, tension, and installation, ensuring nettings last longer.

Bird Netting Sydney Longevity For Commercial Project

When calculating profitability for commercial projects, it’s imperative to gauge installation and maintenance costs over the lifespan of the netting. Make comparisons between such things as:

  • How often does the netting need to be replaced or repaired?
  • What method and net type would be the most cost effective for the acreage?
  • What UV ratings and net colours are best for the job?
  • Do material and elasticity make a difference?
  • Is the product rot resistant?

It’s cheap and straightforward to repair small tears and snags, so on this basis, many choose a more affordable product for some projects.  Heavy-duty netting with a break strength of 40lb will be more durable but is initially more expensive.

The type of pest will also help determine what kind of netting is the most effective option.

For example, the government of NSW insists that full exclusion netting is the only effective solution to protect fruit trees from flying foxes.

According to the DSE, Bird Netting Sydney is one of the most humane and effective solutions for pest control.

Installation At Planning Stage – Bird Netting Sydney

All the better if it’s possible to incorporate pest control at the planning stage. Many older structures and sites can prove tricky to access or need specialist equipment to reach. However, using a professional pest controller at the design and planning stage ensures effective pest control is baked right in from the start.

If the building is already under construction, it would still be wise to seek the advice of an expert pest controller. You can integrate practical pest control elements into the structure with just a few adjustments.

If a property has major reconstruction or remodelling work underway, this would also be an ideal time to incorporate pest-proofing measures. Especially as there may be scaffolding in place enabling access to difficult to reach areas.

The lifespan of professionally installed Bird Netting Sydney, incorporated into a project at the planning stage, tends to last much longer. The permanency of structural anchors will also impact longevity, as will the quality of bird netting used.

Call The Professionals – Bird Netting Sydney

When asking how long does Bird Netting Sydney last, there are many factors to consider.  Method of installation and use, storage, quality, UV rating, colour, rot resistance, pre-build, or retrofit will all impact longevity.

When contemplating Bird Netting Sydney, there are many variables to consider. One net won’t fit all. Each job needs an individual assessment to ensure the most effective Bird Netting Sydney.

Our experts are fully trained, certified and licensed with a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of bird control. We are happy to conduct a full investigation into your bird pest problem and recommend appropriate measures for eradication.

If the structure is a new build, we are happy to offer our expert recommendations to ensure the correct deterrents before occupation.

Whatever you need, our friendly, professional team are here to help. Why not call us today for a free no-obligation quote. Our reasonable and clear prices may surprise you.