Bird Pest Control 5 Facts To Consider If You Have Pest Birds

Bird Pest Control 5 Facts To Consider If You Have Pest Birds

Bird Pest Control – It’s hard to imagine that something as small as a bird can necessitate pest control measures. However, where there is one bird, it soon becomes many birds and then a whole flock. Some of the most prolific offenders are pigeons, mynas, starlings and some cockatoos.

The damage to residential homes, commercial premises and public buildings is substantial. If left unaddressed, birds can even shorten the lifespan of roofs and deface buildings.

A collection of droppings on guttering can block downpipes and even cause the roof to leak. Constituents in the droppings are highly corrosive and can even eat away the paintwork on vehicles and stone buildings! These flying rodents are no respecters of cultural heritage either, damaging historic stone and metal monuments.

These are just a few of the reasons that bird pest control truly is a necessity.

Bird Pest Control – Disease carrying “rats of the sky”

Birds can add a certain charm to the landscape, and many people enjoy feeding them. However, when they become a pest, they are a severe health and safety hazard. Bird droppings can cause diseases such as aspergillosis, cryptococcosis, psittacosis, gastroenteritis, histoplasmosis, encephalitis, toxoplasmosis.

How would you feel if you saw a mischief of rats scurrying along the guttering of you home and into the roof space? Apart from making your skin crawl, you may worry they will spread disease to you and your family. And you would be right to worry. They do spread disease. People don’t seem to have the same revulsion for birds and even encourage their presence. However, avian pests such as pigeons, otherwise known as “rats of the sky” are particularly dangerous. They have the capacity for airborne disease transmission in addition to nesting and food sites.

If you have a bird control issue, don’t wait until you and your family suffer ill health. Call in the experts now and get your bird pest problem sorted!

What Types Of Bird Pest Control Are Available?

Bird Netting

Bird Pest Control – When it comes to bird netting, we examine bird pest species and select only the very best bird netting in the appropriate size to ensure humane bird pest control. Bird netting is an ideal solution for areas such as warehouse ceilings, and loading areas, eves, ledges balconies and roofs.

Bird Wiring

Bird Pest Control – Spring tensioned wires attached to posts create an unstable place for avian pests to land. It’s a very humane form of avian pest control. It’s possible to use multiple rows of tension wire where necessary. It does not detract from the beauty of a building or monument and is GSA approved. Hence it is favoured for use on governmental buildings, and historical monuments.

Bird Spikes

Bird Pest Control – Bird spikes are a very humane method of bird pest control as the spikes prevent the birds from landing and roosting. As the bird is unable to land, it moves on, and further pest control is therefore unnecessary. As it is flexible, this deterrent is ideal for all types of surfaces such as guttering, window ledges and sills.

Bird Proofing

Bird Pest Control – The first thing we will do is identify and seal off entry points, thus preventing further infestation. Next, we will provide a detailed report of possible routes for re-infestation and solutions. Any nesting debris will be power washed and sprayed, ensuring the elimination of parasites.

Bird Shock Tape

Bird Pest Control – Shock tape uses a small electrical charge to deter bird pests such as pigeons. Simple to install due to its flexibility means it is ideal to use on many different surfaces. Possible residential purposes include ledges, gutters, ridges, peaks and even solar panels. Commercial uses include signage, billboards, external lighting and pipes. The system is available for electrical and solar power use.

Bird Baiting

Bird Pest Control – Although it is a very old method of avian pest control, it is still effective. Strict regulatory guidelines limit its use. Legislation prohibits its administration by anyone other than a licensed pest control officer. We are licensed bird pest control officers so you can be sure that your home or business is in safe hands when using this form of pest control.

Bird Repellent Gel

Bird Pest Control – There are two types of repellent gel: contact and olfactory. The contact gel requires the bird to come into contact with the gel, but the olfactory gel does not require contact and is effective from a considerable distance. The non-contact gel is considered more effective and affects the birds visual and olfactory senses. It is effective for up to two years, necessitating reapplication thereafter. The repellent gel is better on flat surfaces which are not in areas prone to heavy leaf fall.

Ultrasonic Bird Repellent

Bird Pest Control – Sound frequencies which are heard by the bird pest but not humans, is a very effective means of bird pest control. The high frequency disorientates the birds, which in turn move on. The devices are eco-friendly and are a humane deterrent in bird pest control. They can be used to cover a large area and are perfect for residential and commercial use.

Bird Pest Control How to find the right bird control specialist

Most importantly, make sure that your chosen expert is fully licensed. If the tradesman is not licensed, they could be using a variety of treatments which are not compliant with NSW legislation. Not only will you not be covered if something goes wrong, but you could be paying for an ineffective treatment. All our officers are licensed, certified and fully trained in all methods of avian pest control.

We won’t take chances with the health and safety of you and your family. When selecting an appropriate method of bird pest control, we won’t use anything harmful to you, your family or pets. If the problem is in commercial premises, we ensure your employees are not at risk from our pest control measures.

Bird Pest Control working on rooftops can be hazardous and should never be attempted by anyone untrained in working at heights. All our experienced officers a have their: “Working Safely at Heights” licence. The licence is a legal requirement when working in avian pest control. Equipment such as harnesses and cherry pickers are paramount to safety when working at heights, so don’t risk a DIY job. Stay safe and call the experts.

Your Local, Qualified And Licenced Bird Pest Control Experts

Bird Pest Control In the first instance, we will do a thorough investigation and report of your premises to determine where the entry points are. The report will include any damage to properties from a health and safety point of view. For example, bird pecked wiring, can cause serious injury if not dealt with prior to commencement of work. The report also highlights any other issues, such as environmental and structural implications.

Examining the above issues will enable our operatives to outline an effective method tailored to your needs. We use top quality, treatments which are eco-friendly and meet Australian safety regulations.

When the work is complete, we supply you will a full report detailing the work carried out and recommended preventative measures. We are only a phone call away. Don’t wait for your bird pest issue to become a health hazard. Call us today!