Pest Birds Sydney – 4 Potential Danger Warnings!

Pest Birds Sydney

Pest Birds Sydney – Many are well aware of the expensive property damage, noise and general chaos caused by pest birds, but are pest birds dangerous? Surprisingly few know of the damage to human health for those coming into proximity with them. Like certain other animals, birds carry particular diseases. Which, in certain circumstances, can be transmitted to humans and are known as Zoonotic diseases

Zoonotic diseases can be transmitted by viral, fungal, bacterial pathways, even by moisture droplets! So it can spread quickly. These pathogens can have devastating effects on a person’s health, depending on the age, state of health and immunological strength of the person who becomes infected. 

For example, persons who have already compromised immune status, such as the elderly or persons taking treatment that suppresses their immune response, are at particular risk of serious infection. Most of us have heard of Bird Flu but haven’t even considered the peril of other communicable avian zoonoses. 

This is just yet another reason why you need professional, experienced bird control if you are having a problem with pest birds. But let’s get back to learning about just how dangerous these pests can be.

Pest Birds Sydney and Diseases

Salmonellosis and Tuberculosis

Salmonellosis, for example, is a disease living in the intestines of birds, communicable via contact with contaminated bird faeces. Or via ingesting water that infected pest birds have soiled. How many pets slurp water from a puddle in a street or park where a flying, infected pest bird may have defecated?

Avian Tuberculosis is another zoonotic disease passed from pest birds to humans. Early symptoms in humans may be similar to many other conditions. Many experience high fever, stiff joints, aching head, vomiting, and lethargy. The similarity in symptoms means the true cause may be overlooked. If left untreated, the disease progresses in the form of tremors, convulsions and even coma. Mycobacterium Avium bacterial disease can attack human tissues similar to Human and Bovine Tuberculosis. The result is chronic wasting and ultimately death in some humans, Pest Birds Sydney.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dangerous diseases spread by bird pests.

Pest Birds Sydney – Psittacosis and Cryptococcus

Pest birds transmit avian Chlamydiosis to their human host via the inhalation of dust littered with tiny particles of infected bird saliva, feathers, mucous or faecal fluid. In humans, the disease is called Psittacosis. As the name suggests, it has an array of unpleasant symptoms around the genito-urinary areas. Discomfort passing water, smelly genital discharge, pain and bleeding in the genital area for women, even testicular discomfort and pain during sex!

A yeast-like fungus is another avian zoonotic disease transmitted through soiled water droplets. Cryptococcus thrives in soil which has been fouled upon by bird droppings, in particular common pigeons. This fungus spreads via inhalation, and whilst most humans can fight it off relatively well, immunocompromised persons, children and the elderly are at serious risk to their health. 

Pest Birds Sydney these diseases and many more pass between wild avian pests and humans. Along with the pain and danger to health, there is a real possibility of transmission to other family members. Then there’s the domino effect that often accompanies ill health and time off work, which can cause its own mysery. Financially too, sickness has a knock-on effect and costs thousands of dollars in time off work!

Pest Birds Sydney Diligence and Dalliance  

Pest Birds Sydney under permit or license, there are numerous avian enthusiasts all over Australia who own exotic species of birds. There are strict specifications in the keeping and care of these birds, which ensure they remain in tip-top physical health. By means of meticulous hygiene, diet, nesting and breeding specifications, the needs of these birds are well met. Strict monitoring ensures control of their numbers. 

Pest Birds Sydney there will always be some less diligent bird keepers. In that case, what if a disease ridden, poorly kept bird escapes captivity, meets a mate, nests and breeds? It takes time for them to breed to massive numbers, but it is hard to get rid of them once settled. 

In particular, avian pests cause a host of problems once they become established. Notorious for spoilage of crops, including garden grown and commercially grown cereal and fruit. These pest birds ravenously consume wild growing food sources. They prevent the nesting and feeding opportunities of endangered and protected species like the Malleefowl and Carnaby’s Cockatoo. 

Pest Birds Sydney Who is responsible

Pest Birds Sydney not only that, but pest birds also commandeer hollows in common Australian trees such as Pines with their heavy foliage and Eucalyptus. Hence the vulnerable and diminished native species become further­ threatened. By disrupting and destroying the habitat of native and often endangered animals, bird pests lay waste to entire ecosystems. 

So just whose responsibility is it to save our fruit and crops and protect our native wildlife. Who should ensure the preservation of our buildings and properties from the destruction of pest birds​​​​? Who can secure the health and safety of our loved ones and the beauty and majesty of Australia’s natural world for future generations? The answer is simple. According to the Biosecurity Act of 2015, it is all of us. From the legislators down to each individual with a pest problem. It is up to every one of us to tackle the problems caused by bird pests. 

Pest Birds Sydney How to successfully treat infestations

Pest Birds Sydney – If you are wondering ‘are pest birds dangerous? The answer is yes, and it’s essential to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible. If not treated correctly, pest birds will grow in number until they become an infestation. 

Often birds choose to nest in a high and hard to reach place to deter predators. Pest birds are no different in this regard. As such, it might necessitate climbing high or using a ladder. Or maybe you’re thinking of fixing reflective pest bird deterrent strips high in trees or on difficult to reach ledges. Why not call us today rather than risk a precarious slip from a height? We have all the specialist equipment, cherry pickers included, and we are fully insured and guaranteed, so you can put those ladders back in the garage and leave your avian pest problem to us!

Pest Birds Sydney Insured, guaranteed, qualified and licensed, we have all the experience and equipment to solve your pest bird problem, however large or small. If you want to be rid of your bird problem, once and for all, give us a call. It may cost less than you expected.