Pest Bird Control: The Ultimate Guide

Pest Bird Control: The Ultimate Guide

Got A Bird Pest Problem? Here’s Why You Need To Act Now.

Pest Bird Control – A few birds singing in a backyard tree seems a pleasure rather than a problem. However, where one bird finds a good place to roost, more follow. Before you know it, you have a bird pest problem.

Pest Bird Control – Pest birds like starlings congregate in huge flocks. Mesmerising murmurations, although breathtaking can be a nightmare for any property owner who is unlucky enough to be host to the huge brood. Pretty soon ledges, gutterings, patios and anywhere else a bird can stand or nest will be covered in droppings, feathers and nesting materials.

Pest birds like are thought to carry over 60 diseases, some of which are transmissible to humans. Diseases like Salmonella can be very dangerous to human health. Psittacosis (Ornithosis) can be transmitted simply by the inhalation of dust from droppings, feathers and nesting materials

Nows the time to act, before the infestation gets out of hand.

Commercial Bird Pest Control: Why You Should Act Now

Pest Bird Control – Every business is bound by legislation surrounding its products and services. The health and safety of employees and customers is solidly legislated and paramount to a successful enterprise. It’s a false economy to think that bird pest control is an unnecessary expense.

Bird pests carry dangerous zoonotic diseases. Hence staff or client illness due to a lack of effective pest control can soon send profits plummeting. Companies who flout the law on health and safety could find themselves spending much-needed time and resources fighting lawsuits.

Commercial premises must be safe to enter, exit, and work in. Slippy floors caused by bird excrement is a slip hazard. If birds find a place to nest in or around the building then inhalation of bird debris can cause serious illness in humans. Diseases such as Psittacosis are especially dangerous to older people or those with an underlying health condition.

Pest Bird Control – NSW Name And Shame Register

Pest Bird Control Health and safety legislation also covers the production, supply and consumption of food and beverages. Businesses found to be in breach of legislative impositions can lose more than money and profits, they can lose their reputation. The NSW Food authority publishes a list of non-compliant businesses which is available to the general public.

Needless to say, being on this list can irreparably damage the reputation of a business. Ineffective or insufficient pest control can cost more in terms of money, reputation and success than getting effective pest control. Bird pests can cause more damage due to their ability to fly and reach places other pests cant.

Residential Bird Pest Control: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Pest Bird Control Home is where the heart is. When we think of the word home we think of safety, security and a place we can relax with the people we love. But for those with a bird pest problem, the word may conjure up a place where melodic wind chimes swaying on a gentle breeze gives way to squawking birds fighting for the best spot on the guttering. Relaxing weekend lie-ins are replaced by a voyeuristic beady eyed line up on the bedroom window sill. Grandads exercise used to be a gentle stroll around the pretty garden. Bird pests have now made it an exercise in futility, running the gauntlet of avian bombers enjoying target practice.

If you have a bird pest problem, birds literally do rule the roost.

When birds set up home somewhere, they bring their friends, pets and hangers-on. Cockroaches, ticks, beetles, bugs, rats and mice are all attracted to places where birds nest and roost. It doesn’t end there either over 60 diseases are thought to be carried by birds, some of which are transmissible to humans. Salmonella, Psittacosis and avian flu are just some of the diseases which can be very dangerous when passed to humans.   

Don’t wait until its too late. Call us today to ban the birdy bullies and take back your home sweet home.

Pest Bird Control – We’re Sydney’s Trusted Bird Control Experts

Pest Bird Control Sydney has become a hotbed of scavenging birds fighting for food and nesting places. Whether they are protected or not, being mugged for your sandwich, by a bullying birdy can be distressing or even amusing.

How can it be dealt with? It can be difficult to tell whether a bird is protected or not if one is not an avid bird watcher. What can be done if the bird is a pest but of a protected species. There are laws protecting nesting sites and the list can change from year to year.

Whether your bird infestation is a recent thing or a long-standing problem, we can help. As experienced, licensed and registered pest controllers, we have the latest information on bird pests and how to deal with them in any given situation. We use netting, spikes, wire, repellent gel, shock tape and ultrasonic devices to eradicate your bird pest problem. We are reasonably priced and offer a guarantee on all of our work. For a free quote, call us today.