Control Pest Birds 5 Thrilling Trade Secrets

Control Pest Birds 5 Thrilling Trade Secrets

Control Pest Birds – Pest Birds have become blight on our native species and our environments and not many know how to properly control pest birds.

They supplant the natural habitats of endangered species and foul their water supplies. They deface our homes and places of work. These pesky birds bring destruction everywhere they go. Pest birds can cause misery, wasted time, and a substantial financial cost to repair the damage they’ve caused, which is why we’re seeing increased demand for our bird pest control services.

Diseases are also rife in the wake of pestilent birds in Australia. Common birds can carry and spread many dangerous diseases, such as Avian Pigeon paramyxovirus type 1. This disease, also known as PPMV1, is a highly transmissible viral disease, fatal to other pigeons. Although rare, humans involved in handling these birds can become affected too.

Other diseases such as Salmonella and Psittacosis are also transmissible to humans. It’s dangerous to consider tackling a bird infestation without appropriate equipment and training. Professional bird pest controllers know how to control pest birds, so it’s worth asking for advice and help when dealing with pest birds.

Control Pest Birds – Chemical Repellents

Many people aren’t aware that there are chemicals on the market, specifically targeted at getting rid of these avian trouble makers! Many sprays and gels are commercially available, which work similarly and humanely. Sprays and gels work by making it difficult for birds to digest their food. After a while, nature (their indigestion!) will tell them it’s time to move on elsewhere. Utilising appropriate control methods, it’s possible to clear your property or business of unwanted birds.

Other chemical deterrents for unwanted pest birds are only available by application or permit. A roosting barrier made from aluminium ammonium sulphate disrupts the pest birds sense of taste and smell. Another chemical deterrent is poly butane, a sticky substance applied to the areas where birds perch or land. Popular too is methiocarb, which, when ingested, tastes awful to birds. Birds, therefore, want to fly away from the source of the bad taste!

Control Pest Birds – Barriers And Roosting Deterrents


Control Pest Birds There are many netting options to choose from in terms of quality and aperture size. The holes in the nets need to be small enough that the birds and other small animals can’t get “trapped” in any way. They are available in several colours and made of hard-wearing plastic. Placing netting over areas birds commonly land has proved an excellent solution for bird pest management.

Mesh is often used over commercial fruit and vegetable areas to protect t crops from flying scavengers. The materials and construction make nets movable and reusable for many years to come.

Nesting Deterrents

Control Pest Birds act as a physical barrier to these plague birds “getting comfy” whilst perching or nesting a new home on your land, property or business. Often, these are products made from wires in the form of spikes, coils, and other metal products. They are strategically placed on your infrastructure to prevent birds from being able to land and sit. Preventing a bird from landing, perching or nesting on a property is a very humane method of pest bird control. On finding there is nowhere to land, the pestilent buzzard will simply fly off to pastures new!

Control Pest Birds Scare Tactics


Control Pest Birds are highly responsive to visual bird riddance tactics. Use of items such as hawk-kites, eyespot balloons, reflective mobiles and scarecrows can really “scare” birds away. Within some genera of birds, even meagre DIY type deterrents have made birds move on to another house or business. However, DIY methods can be visually off-putting for the home or business owner.


Control Pest Birds become quickly alarmed by loud, unpredictable noises, as they could spell oncoming danger for them. There are many innovative items for this very purpose. Among them are double bang gas guns (with timers). The firing of a shotgun, even if it is a pre-recorded audiotape played on loudspeakers, will scare birds away from most sites. Electronic bird scare items such as sirens, horns or even motor vehicle sounds are likewise effective in clearing an area of pest birds.

All of these and more are terrifying for the average pest bird. Combining these two sensory deterrents of sight and sound becomes powerful weapons in the fight against the plague of pestilent birds. Similarly, the pre-recorded sounds of prey birds can frighten an avian pest into flying off your property in search of pastures new.

Electrified equipment

Control Pest Birds similarly, electrified wire products, situated variously at the tops of trellis, trees, fencing or on the property, are also used with great success. The undesirable birds receive a tiny electric shock, which surprises them, but causes them no permanent harm. These monofilament lines will usually have the desired effect of disrupting the landing and nesting of larger birds. However, they are less of a barrier to smaller birds. Other methods need to be employed.

The epidemic of birds plaguing NSW is alarming. The damage they cause can result in a massive financial headache and loss of property or stock values. Any money spent resolving the problem is well spent and could save thousands of dollars in the long run. Whether it’s a chemical, audio/visual scaring tactic, netting or any of the many other options available, don’t let a bird pest continue to be your problem. We offer free advice and tailor a solution to your bird pest problem, whether large or small, whatever your budget.

Control Pest Birds Trusted Locals To Control Pest Birds

Control Pest Birds In the wake of an unwanted infestation by these destructive creatures, who chew wooden structures including window frames, loosen roof tiles, leave corrosive droppings everywhere and make a surprising amount of noise. You might wonder if there is any humane solution to fix this within a sensible budget. The answer is yes.

We have all the control measures available and are fast to respond and install the best option for your bird infestation.

Our experienced and licensed experts are fully WHS compliant, and we guarantee every job. We have 17 years of experience and are qualified to work at heights. So no matter how high your bird infestation is, we’ve got it covered. 

If you are looking for a bird control expert you can trust to eliminate your bird pest problem, look no further. We are your local trusted experts, and we know how to control pest birds.

Give us a call today to make your bird pest problem go away!