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Proper cat netting can keep your cat safe and sound.

Cat Containment – Cats and Catastrophe

Cat Containment are high on the list of most popular pets in Australia and have always been considered the most curious. They are very agile and adept at climbing trees and other high places where they can get a bird’s eye view. Unfortunately, their curiosity can lead them into serious difficulty if they have access to open windows or balconies. A ‘Do not enter’ sign means nothing to a cat, and unlike many humans, they don’t seem to fear heights. Onwards and upwards, they go until they reach a point where they can go no further.

In July this year, a kitten made social media history by scaling a Virginia city hall building. The frightened kitten meowed and clung on briefly before falling several floors. Fortunately, rescuers held a safety sheet below and caught the kitten. The kittens’ antics caused a social media storm between those who are pro-cat containment and those who are against it. So what is the ultimate solution for cat containment?

What is Cat Containment

Cat Containment – Several councils have started to impose cat containment restrictions with fines of up to $1,600 against owners who allow their cats to roam freely.

But what exactly is meant by ‘cat containment’? It means ensuring your cat doesn’t leave your property (by keeping them indoors, for example). Cat containment can be accomplished by keeping your cat indoors or installing enclosures and secure cat nets outdoors.

Not every council is making cat containment mandatory. However, Council and RSPCA NSW recommend that cats stay within the boundaries of their home at all times for the safety of both cats and other wildlife.

As more and more councils adopt cat containment policies, recommendations could eventually become legislation. Many believe it’s best to be ahead of the game and have cat netting installed while there are incentives to do so. A cat enclosure is a safe area within the boundaries of a person’s property secured by cat netting, preventing cats and kittens from escaping.

Pros and Cons of Cat Containment

Looking into the big innocent eyes of our furry feline friends, we find it hard to believe that they could kill or harm anything. However, its thought that domestic cats kill approximately 80 million indigenous birds, 83 million indigenous reptiles and 67 million indigenous mammals in Australia every year. The Australian people put considerable time, money and effort into keeping our native species safe. Therefore, it is understandable that the government would seek a solution.

Conversely, cat containment also protects cats and kittens from predators such as dingoes, foxes, reptiles and wedge-tailed eagles.

When our beloved pets wander away from home, there is an increased risk of accident and injury. Cats and kittens get lost or trapped, impounded by the council or even stolen. Other problems for outdoor cats include contracting diseases from other animals, such as feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Some diseases are zoonotic (passed to humans), such as Toxoplasmosis. If that wasn’t enough, think of the dangers of toxic plants, fleas, ticks, and snake bites.

Keeping Cats Safe at Home – Cat Containment

Cat Containment As a nation of animal lovers, Australians place cats high on the list of favourite pets. A solution was needed that would protect our cats and native wildlife.

Hence in September 2021, a program was introduced by The Environment Minister Matt Kean called “Keeping Cats Safe at Home”.

Many were initially against the idea of not allowing cats to roam freely outdoors and wondered if it was harmful to cats. The Cat Protection Society of NSW says that contrary to popular belief, indoor-only cats had a lifespan ten years longer than cats allowed to wander freely.

The Cat Protection Society of NSW recommended using UV and chew-resistant cat netting for cat enclosures and balconies to keep cats and kittens safe. A cat netting enclosure is a secure outdoor area that safely allows your favourite moggy to enjoy the outdoors.

Cat netting is available in various colours, including transparent, which is more aesthetically pleasing for buildings with balconies.

Help With The Cost of Cat Netting Enclosures

Cat Containment – When it comes to installation, many feel it’s a simple DIY project. However, even with the best quality cat mesh, the installation can fail due to incorrect tension, misaligned guides, poorly attached fixtures and many other reasons. In addition, installing a cat enclosure or cat run usually involves working at heights. A cat’s natural instinct is to climb to a higher place for a better view. So whether it’s a Molly or Tom, a kitty or a kitten, everyone wants their feline pal to be safe and happy. Apart from the dangers of a novice working at heights comes the cost in terms of health and safety. But before donning a safety helmet and hoisting a ladder up the wall, consider using a professional service.

The NSW government offers up to $90,000 in incentives to help owners comply with cat containment rules. NSW government suggests several options which could be applicable. Assisting owners with the cost of erecting cat enclosures was one suggestion.

Cat Netting: The Ultimate Solution for Cat Containment

There are many reasons to install a cat enclosure or cat run. Daring cats explore their surroundings and get into all sorts of scrapes. As owners, we must keep our pets safe.

Cat enclosures aren’t just safety devices; they’re neighbour-friendly too. Whether it’s digging up the dahlias, pooping in the plant pots or teasing the terrier, Kittie’s antics can be adorably cute to their owners but are often at the heart of neighbour disputes.

Outdoor cats are responsible for significant damage to native wildlife. Hence, new rules seek to impose cat containment on owners with fines for breaches.

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