Birds Pooping On Your Car? 3 Key Facts To Avoid

Birds Pooping On Your Car? 3 Key Facts To Avoid

Birds Pooping, you finally manage to buy your dream car. There it sits on your driveway, a deep red and impossibly shiny brand new Ford Mustang. That night you barely sleep, so excited to be behind the wheel again. You’re woken early the following day to a cacophony of birds squawking and bickering with one another along your window sill. 

Birds Pooping – excitedly you run to the car, eager for an early morning glimpse of the mechanical beauty. But the sleek red beauty from the night before has acquired a new paint job, and not in a good way. The patchy white textured overlay with dots of blackish-green slime looks like something driven by The Swamp Monster. 

The acidic Birds Pooping is already eating through the glossy paintwork to get to the car’s metal structure and every second counts. If bird guano is left too long, it will cause irreversible damage and devalue the car. As you rush for the hose and brush, you wonder, how can I stop pest birds from pooping on my car? 

Birds Pooping – What Makes Bird Droppings So Corrosive?

Bird guano contains uric acid. Uric acid is a corrosive chemical that will cause erosion in paintwork within minutes. Etching caused by bird poop is permanent and will continue right down to the metal.

Birds have no bladder, so solid and liquid waste is evacuated mixed with uric acid from the kidneys. The liquidity of bird excrement makes it so destructive as it lands with a splash, covering a wider area. 

The uric acid in bird droppings can even eat through building materials. 

Hence, it’s not just vehicles that are at risk of damage, it’s buildings too. So whether you drive a luxury car or a bashed up old pickup, whether you live in a mansion or an apartment, you need to take action now. 

Bird proofing a property entails protecting all areas where birds are likely to enter, perch and nest. This may include window sills, ledges, guttering, pergolas and drives. Hence, when inspecting a property for bird proofing, it’s essential to take a holistic approach. What is attracting pest birds to the property in the first place? 

Birds Pooping – What’s The Big Attraction?

Birds Pooping are there over-spilling bins with tasty morsels for pest birds, like cockatoos and other pests to scavenge? Then you might as well erect a ‘Free Food’ sign and open the gates to all pests, great and small! 

Birds Pooping thorough investigation will determine if there are environmental factors to consider, such as being close to a water source or an agricultural facility. From a birds eye view, an orchard nearby signals an ‘All You Can Eat, Pick and Peck store! 

A full survey may reveal dilapidations that need repair before complete eradication of pests is possible. For example, clogged guttering is planning consent for a new build luxury nest to a bird. And a broken downpipe becomes a fountain of sustenance for the whole brood. Likewise, a hole in an unseen corner of the roof allows access to clean, warm roof spaces in which to nest. Hence an unattended hole in the roof becomes a luxury penthouse with a view. Opulence indeed!

Allowing these pest birds to live in such decadence does nothing to deter them. In fact, what started out as a few pesky birds may end up as a severe infestation that will only worsen the longer it is left. 

Birds Pooping

In some cases, a combination of deterrents may be the best option. For example, bird netting is an excellent choice for pergolas and balconies, but bird spikes are better for window ledges and guttering. If the driveway is covered, then bird netting may be a good option. In contrast, audio and visual deterrents may be a good choice for open driveways, yards and gardens. 

Sonic devices, bird repellant gel, bird wiring, and shock tape are also effective bird control methods depending on the infestation area. There are so many options available that it can be very difficult to determine the best option. The wrong choice or poor installation can deem the whole project useless.  

Bird netting is both humane and effective in preventing birds from accessing many areas such as pergolas and carports. However, if the mesh holes are too large, small birds can still access the site and nest there. The tension, too, must be correct. Too tight, and the netting is prone to breakage. Too loose, and it creates a hazard for birds and wildlife to get trapped. Therefore, when looking for the best solution to bird pests, the advice and help of a licensed expert is paramount. 

Birds Pooping – For Bird Pests, Call The Best

Birds Pooping you wondering how can I stop bird pests from pooping on my car? Then look no further. 

Our fully licensed pest control service is second to none. Using eco-friendly products, we offer an on-time every, time service 24/7 to ensure your home or business is pest free. 

Our state of the art equipment, high grade products, and expertise ensure the complete eradication of bird pests. Following eradication, we thoroughly clean the area before we leave. 

Our unique 3 point plan successfully rids your property of bird pests.

3 Point Plan – Simple as 1,2,3

  1. Step 1 is a thorough survey of the property to ascertain how extensive the problem is and establish entry routes. 
  2. Step 2 We discuss our findings and recommend a tailored solution. 
  3. Step 3 We implement an agreed action plan which may be a combination of methods. Leaving your property pest-free.

We have developed an excellent reputation over 17 years for reliable, fast, and effective pest control solutions. Our award-winning services are available Sydney-wide. All our experts are fully trained, licensed, and work in compliance with WHS best practices. In fact, so confident are we in the quality of our work that we offer a money-back guarantee. 

If the birds come back, so do we. 

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