Every Bird Control Method Explained

Every Bird Control Method Explained

Bird Control Sydney techniques bird netting has proved to be invaluable for a variety of projects. However, there are circumstances where an alternative might be more appealing. For example, imagine Sydney Opera House covered in bird netting. It would certainly do the job more effectively than the giant robotic birds, which failed as a bird prevention measure. However, bird netting would detract from the sleek elegance of the gleaming white shells, which are the signature mark of one of the most famous structures in the world.

Bird Control Sydney NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment recommends bird netting as an excellent choice for protecting crops from bird pests. However, they also warn against the dangers to flying foxes and other wildlife, which can become trapped if the netting is poorly fitted.

When bird proofing ledges and gutters, other bird deterrents can be more easily installed than bird netting and be just as effective. If other options are available, one may ask, what are the alternatives to bird netting?

Scare Tactics

Bird Control Sydney Various devices are available and in use for giving pest birds a fright followed by flight response! These techniques to put birds off certain areas can be audible, visual and physical objects. There are even chemical deterrents to repel birds from a particular location.

Reflective Bird Tape

Bird Control Sydney The idea behind bird tape, similar to hanging mobiles (such as hawk kites and bird deterrent rods), is that it’s an area which is constantly changing, so the bird feels uneasy, “is it safe to land?”  “could it  be a predator?” hence they fly on looking for somewhere safer to land and perch.


Bird Control Sydney Lasers can be a key tool in the fight against pestilent birds. They are user friendly and easy to get to grips with. Naturally, the cost of an operator should be factored into calculations. Also, depending upon the state and the type/strength of the Laser, a license may be required. However, birds never become accustomed to the fear imbued by lasers, which is why they are both popular and effective.


Bird Control Sydney Bird gel is excellent for use on historical monuments, statues and buildings. It is not easily visible and, therefore, doesn’t interfere with aesthetics. Bird gel is a sticky substance which adheres to the bird’s feet. When landing on the gel, the bird finds it difficult to get away or move around. All birds, including pest birds such as pigeons, sparrows and mynahs, will not want to be anywhere they feel trapped. Therefore, bird gel is an effective and humane bird deterrent. 

Bird Control Sydney Bird Spikes are a humane and effective deterrent for perching birds. These products protect surfaces such as gutters, soffits, roofs, chimneys, piping, signage and parapets. They do not impinge on larger areas of the building and are therefore more aesthetically pleasing than bird netting. Bird spikes are permanent and weatherproof fixtures fabricated in either polycarbonate or stainless steel, depending on situation and weather considerations. Bird spikes have proved to be very successful in deterring birds from landing and nesting.

Making the Connection Between Noise And Danger

Bird Control Sydney Birds are intelligent but timid creatures who can easily be scared away from flora and fauna. A new sound, light sequence, or smell can disconcert them, causing them to feel unsafe and under attack.

A number of studies suggest that such products utilised on their own are not as effective as when used in combination with other products. Therefore it may be wise to seek the guidance of a professional bird controller to establish which combination would be best suited to any given situation.

Birds are naturally nervous creatures and will usually take to flight if they hear a threatening or loud noise.   

Shooting “Pyrotechnic cartridges” creates a clear link between noise and peril in a bird’s mind. When fired, they travel some 30-50 metres, accompanied by the sound of a siren and a finale of a very loud bang. As such, these cartridges can be a very effective bird repelling product. However, loud noises and pyrotechnics may not go down well with neighbours.

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours…

Of course, due to their loud nature, many of these devices irritate human neighbours. However, pre-recorded distress and bird of prey calls are less irritating to humans than some louder alternatives. Similarly, humans moving around growing areas, walking, unsettling the trees and crops, operating mechanical devices and farm equipment can put pest birds off too. As a solution for bird pest control, human intervention is both cost prohibitive and labour intensive unless it is part of the daily regime.

Birds often see human presence as a threat. This fear of humans is key to effectively treating the problem of “problem birds”. For this reason, scarecrows and similar objects have a long history as bird pest deterrents.

Bird worrying products can be effective too. A professional bird pest controller will have various effective devices available for installation. Electronic noise producers, frequency noise-makers, pre-recorded birds in danger calls and predatory sounds can be effective solutions to problem birds.

Tailored Bird Pest Solutions From The Experts

Bird Control Sydney When considering alternatives to bird netting, it’s important to be aware of the individual needs of each property and find the best solution specific to those needs.

We have 17 years of experience in pest control and can offer each client a tailored solution to their bird pest problem. Whether visual, audio, sensory or obstructive, we will give our expert advice on how best to end your bird pest problem. Whatever your needs, from a small residential incursion to industrial structures the size of aircraft hangars, we’ve got it all.

Our licensed and certified experts can supply and install various bird deterrents or even a combination to ensure the eradication of your bird pest problem. Call us for a quote, and we will conduct a thorough survey of the area to determine the best solution. We use only top-quality products, we guarantee every job, and our prices are clear and reasonable. For a reliable, fast, and efficient service, call our experts today.