What can we help you with?

No matter what kind of unwanted critters you have lurking in your home, we guarantee we have a solution.

Whether you're struggling with cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, mice or other vermin. If you want it gone, we can help.

Here are just a few of the common pests we specialise in removing:

cockroach pest control


Not only are roaches creepy, but they carry diseases and spread like wildfire too!

Even worse, once they're in your home, there's no chance of getting rid of them without professional help, no matter how much toxic bug spray you use.

With our cockroach control service, we guarantee your home will be roach free for good.

ant pest control


In the warmer months, ants seem to have a knack for getting everywhere in your home.

But before you try to fix it yourself, did you know most DIY ant poisons contain harmful toxins that could affect you and your family. So step away from the chemicals!

We're experts in ant control solutions, and we don't have to use toxic chemicals to get them gone!

termite pest control


Termites are the demolition squad of the pest world. Others pests may be annoying, but termites can literally tear your house down!

Termites can get through virtually anything, even metal and concrete. They feed on gyprock, and worse, the timber wood beams that hold the walls and structure of your home!

Don't put the safety of your home at risk, give us a call and your termite woes will be a thing of the past.

bird pest control


Myna birds, pigeons and eve cockatoos can have a damaging effect on your home!

Not only do they create mess wherever they go, they can ruin solar panels, pool heating, and clog your gutters too.

We have a variety of techniques to make your home and garden bird free. Need an end to your bird problem? Give us a call or book online today.

rat pest control


Unless you're a lab scientist, or you work in a sewer, there's no absolutely no need for you to be seeing rats on a daily basis.

Their droppings and urine can spread some seriously dangerous diseases (if you need proof, Google 'bubonic plague').

But fear not! We use humane and eco frienldly methods to make sure your rodents get gone, and stay gone. 

How can we help you?

Our 3 Step Pest Plan

So what sets us apart from other Sydney pest control companies? Apart from our experience, unique techniques, commitment to eco friendly practises, and unbeatable, tailored customer service, it's our comprehensive 3 part pest plan.

1. SEARCH AND DESTROY - Our friendly, experienced team of pest control specialists will discuss your problem and where you usually see pests in your home. We'll investigate every inch of your home until we find the underlying areas where pests are living and breeding, and search for any structural issues in your home that are allowing pests in.

2. ERADICATE PESTS WHILST KEEPING YOUR HOME AND FAMILY SAFE - We'll treat all areas that are enabling pests to live and breed, using the best equipment, and environmentally friendly, non toxic products. We've developed our techniques using our 10+ years of experience, so you can rest easy knowing our methods are tried and tested, and your family won't be affected by harmful chemicals most pest controllers use.

3. PLAN FOR YOUR PEST FREE FUTURE - We work with you to create and implement an ongoing pest control strategy for the future. This is a very important part of the process that most pest control companies overlook. Keeping your home pest free is an ongoing process, and we tailor your pest plan to your home so you know it's right for you.


Clients Feedback

We go the extra mile for our clients, and this is reflected in the excellent feedback we receive.


Building Manager

Please pass on my thanks to Adam for the great job you did removing the ant infestation from the building in Newtown. Adam and his team dealt with the problem quickly. I'd definitely recommend Service Now to anyone.


Strata Manager

Service Now have been doing the cleaning in our building for years now and I wouldn't use anyone else. Dependable service and always on time.


Homeowner, Bondi

I've had a few problems with bed bugs but I didn't want to try fixing the problem myself cause I was worried about what the effects of using chemicals on my bed would be. When I called Service Now, Adam talked me through some of their non chemical solutions, which I really appreciated. When he arrived he showed me the products he was going to use. I was very impressed with his service and the fact he doesn't use poisonous chemicals. Thanks, Tracey.