Graffiti Removal Sydney

It can be disconcerting to find graffiti on buildings in public places, but when you see it scrawled across your business premises, or even your home, it can be very distressing indeed. There is an urgency to remove it, especially if it is offensive.

Many people try to remove it with cleaning products, but this can smear rather than clear. The more vigorously it is scrubbed, the more the paint is driven into the surface. Cleaning products can damage certain materials and make the problem worse. Leaving the paint to dry completely can make it difficult or even impossible to remove without professional help.

On commercial buildings, graffiti can be very off putting for clients, and directly impacts how your business is perceived. If the graffiti remains in place, it can attract further attacks and pretty soon, the building becomes a target.

Time is of the essence. Pressure washing graffiti can be very effective, and a professional pressure washing service will know what products are best to use on each surface. Using the right product and pressure is paramount to prevent further damage to your home and business.

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