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At Service Now, we ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction by employing well-trained teams, utilising advanced tools, and offering top-notch products - it's what makes us the bird control Sydney trusts. With over seventeen years of experience, we can handle projects of any scale, whether a large commercial property or a small studio. Contact Service Now today to witness our commitment to excellence and cost-effective solutions.

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Experienced in supplying bird control for residential and commercial premises

Fully trained and certified in IRATA abseiling enabling us to work at heights

Fully insured and WH&S compliant

Trained and licensed for Boom lifts and cherry pickers for high or difficult to reach areas

Experience using blueprints to install bird proofing in new builds and renovations

Projects completed on time with minimum disruption

Our labour guarantee backs every job

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Preferred & Trusted By

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Pest birds can cause substantial damage to property and spread disease to animals and humans. Not only that, but they are a threat to native animals and biodiversity. Some species, such as the House Crow, Cape Barren Geese, Canada Geese, and the Indian Ringneck, can impact biosecurity negatively.

Do you ever ponder why certain properties attract birds while others don't? Our customers frequently ask this question, and the response is always the same. Birds have discovered secure spots at certain properties where they can perch, nest, and reproduce with their extended families. On the other hand, some property owners opt to safeguard their properties against birds as a precautionary step.

Service Now is the expert team you should contact when birds invade your property, as bird proofing is a cost-effective solution to prevent avian infestations. Typically, people only think about bird proofing once they experience an influx of birds sharing their living space.

Our work is fully guaranteed, and we can confidently offer this because we are transparent about our ability to resolve your bird problem efficiently and effectively. Our dedicated trades teams receive the latest training and are IRATA certified.

With access to cherry pickers, we can perform bird proofing at great heights, even in the most difficult-to-reach areas of your property. Using tools such as these eliminates the need for you to balance on a shaky ladder and struggle with netting installation. Additionally, we provide full indemnity and insurance for your peace of mind, unlike yourself.

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We never use subcontractors, so the person that comes to do your job is a trusted and highly trained Service Now employee, they are accountable to you and only you.

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We've been family owned, operated in Sydney for over 17 years!

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Licensed & Certified in Working at Heights, High Risk Work (over 11 meters) & Bird Control

Insured for $20,000,000 Public Liability and $1,000,000 Professional Indemnity Insurance & Workers Compensation (iCare).

Completed over 2,000 Bird Control control jobs with over 17+ years in the industry.

Use new, state of the art equipment, that is no older than 5 years of age.

Use high quality materials that are tried and tested by experts in the field offering warranties from 5 years up to 20 years on jobs.

Certified CM3 (WH&S), Strata Association, Member of MBA, Member of AEPMA, EPA Licensed, Ebix & of course Covid Safe.

Every job includes an inspection prior to work commencing. We take high resolution images prior to every job and after completion.
This enables you to see what exactly how we have completed the works

Guaranteed job completion with no corner cutting. We rely on you to spread the word to your friends, family and businesses.

Give you a price upfront that NEVER CHANGES

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Bird Control



Bird Proofing

Intervening to prevent pest birds from landing, perching, and nesting on any site is known as bird proofing. Various methods are effective for bird control. Bird netting is often suitable and feasible for balconies, patios, and roofs. Yet, in some instances, multiple interventions may be necessary to secure your premises from birds.

Bird Control Cost- bid-netting-bird-control

Bird Netting

Our highly durable bird netting makes it perfect for outdoor use under direct sunlight, rain, heat, and wind. Its main objective is to make it impossible for birds to land, enter, or perch. By blocking off a specific area, bird netting discourages birds from persisting in their attempts and encourages them to seek out more accessible places to land and settle.


Bird Wiring

Bird wiring is a remarkably efficient technique for deterring birds from perching in particular locations. The installation uses tightly stretched wires connected to robust posts to dissuade birds from settling in those areas. The superiority of bird wiring, compared to alternatives like spikes, lies in its inconspicuousness.


Bird Spikes

The design of bird spikes prevents birds from landing, perching, and roosting. The spikes are angled in multiple directions to make it clear from a distance that landing is not an option. As a result, when birds approach, they quickly realise they cannot land and fly away, often calling their fellow birds to join them. It is effective in both large and small areas as a deterrent against birds.

bird-repellent gel

Bird Repellent Gel

If the preferred solution is a repellent gel, our trained specialists will apply it generously onto a surface where birds perch. Once the bird lands on the gel, it will immediately realise that a thick, sticky substance has adhered to its legs and feathers. It will then fly off swiftly to remove the gel by perching and grooming in another location.

Deter Birds ultrasonic-bird-repellent

Ultrasonic Bird Repellent

Ultrasonic bird repellents utilise sound devices strategically positioned throughout a property or land. These devices emit radio sound waves at specific frequencies, regularities, pitches, and tones. By transmitting the sound intermittently, birds become unsettled. The advantage of ultrasonic devices is that they are inaudible to humans, thus ensuring minimal disturbance to neighbours.


Bird Shock Tape

We use bird shock tape to place on flat surfaces like sills or ledges. The tape contains aluminium strips that carry a small electrical current that is hardly noticeable to the bird. When a bird lands on the tape, it will experience a slight electric shock, causing it to leave the area quickly. Bird shock tape is effective when used alone or with other deterrents.

Get Rid of Birds - bird-baiting

Bird Baiting

Bird baiting is only used as a last resort when all other treatments have been exhausted. We refer to this as bird baiting, and sometimes there is no choice but to employ this method for certain infestations. Our teams are fully trained and follow the National Parks & Wildlife Services guidelines for bird baiting.

Service Now's Proprietary

3 Point Bird Control Action Plan


Step 1
Bird Control Investigation & Report

If you have noticed birds colonising a portion of your property or business premises, it is advisable to contact one of our agents for a thorough investigation. Please call and schedule an inspection of the premises, perimeter, and outdoor structures. We will arrange a suitable time for our expert to visit your property and conduct this examination. Details such as the extent and duration of the infestation and how the birds are gaining entry will assist us in devising an effective management plan for your installation.


Step 2
Implement Bird Control Solutions

Work will begin after investigating the extent of the infestation and agreeing on a budget. Our bird control specialist will arrive at your property fully equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to complete the bird control work. With the client's consent, we will implement all measures required to ensure the birds find another place to roost quickly. As a result, the birds will soon realise that their comfortable environment is no longer welcoming and will begin to fly away in the next few days and weeks.


Step 3
Prevent Future Bird Problems

Our bird control methods are all installed following safety guidelines, on-the-job training, and manufacturers' instructions. However, we also take the necessary precautions to double-check everything as part of our workmanship guarantee. Our excellent workmanship ensures that every installation eliminates birds from the area effectively. On completion and sanitisation of the site, we will dispose of associated debris according to local authority regulations. At this point, we provide the customer with a Report Guarantee and offer additional information on preventing bird pests from returning to your property.

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Frequently, we find ourselves unable to spare a few minutes to observe the surroundings of our property, such as ledges, trees, rooftops, or window sills. However, if you pause for a moment, you might observe that birds increasingly frequent these areas, perching, singing, and searching for food.

Pause for a moment and observe how, all of a sudden and unexpectedly, an increasing number of birds begin to make occasional appearances. Eventually, a pair joins in, followed by the surprising appearance of a nest. It's natural to hesitate to disturb a nest. You may feel that letting them raise their offspring undisturbed for a few weeks is better. Maybe you think they will fly off to find their forever home after raising their young. Wrong. They've already found their forever home, and it's your home.

Soon enough, the young ones will grow and reproduce, while the parents will start preparing nests for the next generation. Property damage and possible disease transmission will continue until you deal with the infestation. Gradually, pieces become chipped away from window sills, flagstones are tainted with bird droppings, and an unpleasant aviary odour lingers. However, there is a way to prevent this from happening.

Put an end to the misery of bird infestations. Contact Service Now, and our skilled tradespeople will quickly offer support and solutions to eliminate your bird problem.

Bird Control Kenthurst

For Your Peace Of Mind

At Service Now, we prioritise your convenience above all else. First we schedule a convenient time to install bird pest control measures. Following this, our team will arrive fully equipped with the most reliable and proven tools to remove these avian pests from your premises. Rest assured, we have already identified the areas where these pests are accessing your property to prevent any future invasions.

Not only do we install these areas, but we also sanitise them using a high-density water-based system. Sanitisation prepares the area for our work and eliminates bird droppings, nesting materials and parasites.

After sanitising, we proceed with the installation, ensuring the highest chance of success. We offer a complete installation guarantee once all facilities are finished and tested. Service Now stands out from our competitors with our unique approach. Kenthurst trusts in the results we deliver, so give us a call anytime and discover why.

Pest Birds Sydney

We help both business and residential customers in Kenthurst

Residential Bird Control

In Kenthurst

Service Now provides a range of solutions for addressing bird infestations in residential areas in Kenthurst. Our work is supported by the Service Now guarantee, ensuring that whatever option you choose will be effective and long-lasting for years to come.

If you have a bird pest problem in Kenthurst, contact us and schedule a convenient inspection time. Our superior solutions guarantee successful bird pest control, and our installation process is both swift and efficient.
Our bird pest control expert will carefully examine every part of your property and its surroundings. We will point out areas that are easily accessible to birds and those that are currently under attack.

After the inspection, we will discuss the next steps with you, ensuring that we find solutions that align with your budget. Additionally, we will prepare a detailed work method statement to ensure that our experts and clients are well-informed about the necessary work, associated costs, and estimated completion timeframes.

Commercial Bird Control

Kenthurst can trust

Pest birds, such as the European Starling and the Indian Myna, are a threat to native species and carry diseases.

It's wise to ensure your business premises are free from infestations, safeguarding your staff and clients from zoonotic diseases. Serious illnesses such as influenza, psittacosis, mites, histoplasmosis, encephalitis, salmonella and E. coli can arise from contact. Service Now has been serving the community of Kenthurst for seventeen years, gaining a deep understanding of our customers' needs when addressing issues caused by avian pests. Our extensive experience in Kenthurst and surrounding suburbs has established our reputation as a reliable and trusted service provider. Our team are highly skilled and certified to handle the aftermath of pest bird damage effectively.

If pest birds find a place to roost and nest on your property, they will not leave quietly. Initially, it might be just a few, but it can soon become an infestation with constant squawking and bickering. If your business is accessible to the public, a congregation of pest birds can create an unattractive appearance. Pest birds are detrimental to business, especially when their droppings and other debris accumulate and make a slippery mess. Moreover, it can also pose a health risk. Instead of enduring this silently, why not schedule a visit from one of our experts and take the initial step in eliminating these troublesome pests?


*This offer applies to residential customers only. Gutters will be cleaned in areas of the gutter where bird droppings are found. Free gutter and solar panel clean only available with solar panel bird control services.