Pigeons underneath your solar panels? Why now?

Pigeons underneath your solar panels? Why now?

Beautifully feathered and chirping happily as they fly gracefully across the sky, our feathered friends are a pleasure to watch. They are such a huge part of the Australian landscape that it’s hard to see why some people see them as pests. It’s interesting to note that the NSW state crest features a Kingfisher, or as we know them better, a Kookaburra.

However, many millions more birds in Australia leave a path of chaos in their wake. Pest birds such as the feral Pigeon, Common Starling and Indian Myna deface buildings, ruin solar panels, destroy crops, contaminate water sources, and devalue property. They drive indigenous and protected birds from their natural habitats, leaving them in perilous situations. The feral pigeon has even been classed as a driving hazard for motorists when huge numbers congregate in underpasses.

Consider the amount of money, time and energy it takes to resolve the issues these birds create! So what’s the solution to pest birds? Outside of hiring a professional bird control specialist (which we obviously recommend), let’s learn more, look at the problem in more detail, and find the best solution.

Damage to property & your solar panels

Property damage caused by unwanted birds can run up a huge bill. Pest birds (mainly pigeons) commonly defecate on roofing areas and directly on to your solar panels. They even pick “holes” with their beaks in roofing materials and solar panel wiring. The pigeon is the most common bird that nests underneath your solar panels and begin calling it their home. The issue is then they begin to build large nests by bringing in twigs, sticks and all other types of rubbish. This then stops air to flow underneath the panels which is required for safe use as per your solar panel system.

Furthermore, the droppings is acidic and will cause your panels to discolour and lose its output in power. They will often block up ventilation openings, building their nests there. As well as introducing ticks and mites which live on these birds, droppings, feathers and nesting materials can spread disease to humans.

Infestations on property often require specialist equipment to reach high up or difficult to reach areas. In these circumstances and for health and safety purposes, it is always safest to enlist the services of a professional bird pest controller such as ourselves.

Loss of function of solar panels

Pest birds like to land on, sit, peck and occasionally even nest on solar panels. Bird activity in itself can cause damage to the panels and result in loss of solar panel function.

Soon the panels are covered in bird faeces, which prevents the sun from charging them, leading to a loss of solar power. When birds find something attractive about your property, they keep returning, using your solar panels as a public toilet! Also, because of where solar panels are usually situated, they are almost impossible to “clean” when soiled.

Did you know that a recent study showed that bird droppings have the ability to reduce the total output of your panels by up to 35%? This is due to the fact that the droppings cover the panels ability to absorb light and convert into energy.

However, we use high pressure cleaners when cleaning solar panels, a microfiber brush and neutral detergent to be able to get those panels clean and back in good working order. Enquire with us today and ask one of our staff to assist you in getting your solar panels back in good working order.

Climate considerations

Due to our naturally warm climate, this faeces dries quickly and creates a dry caked-on crust. Solar panels affected by a bird infestation can be challenging to sanitise and get working again. We can fix this for you.

Aluminium black powder coated meshing offers excellent protection against pest birds in solar panels. This meshing is our preferred choice as it is the same materials as the panels themselves which means there is no galvanic corrosion. Being powder coated, it has another layer of protection and being black in colour, does not attract unwanted attention.

If you use the other materials such as the ones that are dipped in PVC or coated in plastic, they begin to crack and break away from the steel that they coat. This exposes the metal and then allows it to rust. We know this as we used to use the material ourselves. Its important to know what you are getting installed on your roof as once it is installed, its their for a long time.

Options for dealing with birds underneath your solar panels

There are several deterrents to unwanted bird attention. Effective methods include bird nettingbird spikes, ultrasonic devices, bird gel repellent, and bird shock tape. As a last resort, bird baiting with toxins licensed by the Australian government is available. Dependent upon your situation and budget, any number of these may be excellent solutions to your particular bird problem. 

Of course, in trying to resolve the bird problem, you have its very important to identify pest birds from protected birds. Could you identify a red-whiskered bulbul from an Australasian Figbird, a Carnaby Black Cockatoo from a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo? We will be adding a bird identification page on our website shortly to allow you to see what type of bird you have.

Or perhaps you know the difference at a glance and from a difference between a rainbow lorikeet and an Australian King Parrot? If not, you could be harming a protected species of bird wildlife and end up having to pay a hefty fine! So unless you have an encyclopedic knowledge of protected Australian birds, we suggest caution.

Pest Birds – We are the solution

Why not leave it to the experts. Professional bird pest controllers have the know-how and the toolkit to end your avian nuisance woes. We will work within your timescale and budget to resolve all of your bird issues quickly and effectively. Our company has over 17 years of experience in solving our client’s problems with pestilent birds and hold licenses to work at heights with IRATA and abseiling certificates.

In addition, we are fully qualified and certified to work with boom lifts and cherry pickers when required. We are WHS compliant and fully insured, so you can rely on us. We can even work from your blueprints to advise how to birdproof your building, either prior to or post construction. We work with large companies and individual householders, so call us and resolve your pest bird problem once and for all, whatever size of your problem. We offer a money-back guarantee if the birds return. So what’s the solution to pest birds? We are! Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.